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Policies and Procedures

Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Procedures

Validation Appointments

UT Arlington has enabled Validation Appointments.  This feature allows you to plan ahead of your Enrollment Appointment.  Using course validation, you will know in advance if you are eligible to enroll in the classes you have selected.  It will check for things such as missing prerequisite requirements, holds, time conflicts, etc.  This feature is called the “Shopping Cart Appointment”.

Step 1.  Sign into your MyMav Student Center.  You will see the Shopping Cart Appointment and Enrollment Appointment dates listed to the right of the screen under Enrollment Dates. 

Step 2.  Click the “Details” link to select the term.

Step 3.  Click “Continue” to see the details of the appointments, Shopping Cart and Enrollment.

Step 4. Click the Shopping Cart link at the bottom of the page above to select the classes that you intend to enroll in for the term and add classes to the Shopping Cart, or click the “Plan” tab at the top of the page.

Step 5.  Select the classes in your Shopping Cart that you want to Validate, and then click “Validate”.

Step 6.  Note the status from the Validation process.  The green check mark  indicates that you are clear to add the class”(s) indicated.  A red indicates that a requirement is not met.  Please pay attention to the message text for an explanation of the requirement that is not met.

NOTE:  Please pay close attention to the messages whether you get a green checkmark or not.  If you have previously passed a course successfully and you attempt to validate it, you will get a green checkmark, but you may not want to enroll in this course again, see below:

Validating your shopping cart does not enroll you in classes.  Once your enrollment appointment is open, you will need to register for your classes.  Validation only shows you whether you meet the requirements to enroll in the classes selected.

Adding, Dropping, Swapping and Withdrawing through Late Registration

Students may add courses, swap courses, drop courses and withdraw from all courses prior to the first class day of the session.  In all of these cases, no charges will be incurred and no transactions will be recorded on the student’s transcript.  However, swapping between sessions within the same term may incur additional charges; please check with your advisor and refer to

*If you are in one of the Accelerated Online Programs, please see the Accelerated Online Programs page for Add/Drop and withdrawal procedures.

From the first day of classes through the late registration period (also called add/drop), students can add, drop and swap classes through self-service.

However, to drop his or her LAST class, the student must see his/her academic advisor in his/her major department.  (This procedure remains in place through the last drop date.  For additional information, see the section "Procedure for Dropping or Withdrawing through the Last Drop Date" below.)

Check the Academic Calendar for specific term dates.

For a list of all advising offices,

Adding Courses after Late Registration but before Census

Adding classes after late registration is not recommended.

The student MUST meet with their academic advisor to understand the impact of their enrollment action, as well as the specific procedures required to add a class after the late registration period ends.  Adding after late registration requires the permission of the faculty teaching the course, permission of the academic department offering the course and the final approval of the academic advisor of the student’s major department.  The department offering the course has final decision authority.

Check the Academic Calendar for specific term dates.

Procedure for Dropping or Withdrawing after census through the Last Drop Date

After late registration through the last date to drop, students must meet with an academic advisor to drop a class or fully withdraw from classes.  Students should contact the academic advising area of their major department for specific procedures and forms needed for withdrawing or dropping after the Census date.  In some cases, the signature of the faculty teaching the course(s) will be required.  The student's academic advisor will process the drop or withdrawal transaction.

From the first official day of class through the last day to drop, the student cannot drop his or her last class.  This must be done by the student’s academic advisor.  As a result, the deadline for drops is 5:00 pm on the last drop date. Therefore, the written drop requests must be received by the major advisor by 4:00 PM CT or your request may not be reviewed or processed by the deadline.

Check the Academic Calendar for specific term dates.

Dropping or Withdrawing after the Last Day to Drop

Dropping a course after the Last Drop Date requires the academic dean’s permission.  Students seeking this permission should contact their academic advisor.