AT Day

A.T. Day MS in Athletic Training, decorative banner. Virtual event Saturday Dec. 4, 10am-12pm

Discover Athletic Training at UTA

Are you interested in becoming an Athletic Trainer? Are you considering which AT school is the right fit for you? Would you like an opportunity to learn more about what Athletic Trainers do, and find out why our Athletic Training Program could be a great fit for you?

Athletic Training Day is an annual event that showcases our program and allows prospective students to learn more about Athletic Training and AT school.

Join us on Saturday, December 4th, 2021 from 10AM - 12PM for our VIRTUAL Athletic Training Day!

Hear from faculty and students what makes UTA’s Master of Science in Athletic Training top notch!

This event is FREE, however we ask that you register so we can send you the log in information to register.
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Adam Annaccone, EdD, LAT, ATC, PES, CES

Assistant Clinical Professor

MS in Athletic Training program

Director, MSAT Simulation

portrait Adam Annaccone


Phone #: 817-272-7910

Office: PEB 112 C

Meredith Decker, PhD, LAT, ATC, PES

Clinical Assistant Professor; Coordinator of Clinical Education

MS in Athletic Training program

Department of Kinesiology

Meredith Decker profile


Phone #: 817-272-6307

Office: PEB 112F

Laura Kunkel, EdD, LAT, ATC, PES

Clinical Associate Professor; Program Director

MS in Athletic Training program

Department of Kinesiology

Portrait of Laura Kunkel


Phone #: 817-272-6874

Office: PEB 112E

Cynthia Trowbridge, PhD, LAT, ATC

Associate Professor; MS in Athletic Training program

Area of Specialization: Therapeutic Interventions for Musculoskeletal Injuries and Youth Sport Concussion Education

Department of Kinesiology

Portrait of Cynthia Trowbridge in a laboratory

Phone #: 817-272-3134

Office: PEB 112D

Research Focus: My research focus is on the role of therapeutic interventions including but not limited to exercise, manual therapy, superficial and deep heating/cooling, electrical nerve stimulation, laser, and dry needling on the biopsychosocial improvement of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. I am also interested in sport concussion education and knowledge transfer among stakeholders.