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Field Notes - Highlights from our Alumni

Alumni Highlights - College of Nursing and Health Innovation

A point of pride of our AT program is that our graduates consistently earn success in the workforce through the preparation they receive here at UTA. Below are some of the great things our graduates are doing with their degree in Athletic Training from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Roger Sancho MS, ATC, LAT, CSCS, CES, PES, FMSAthletic Trainer R. Sancho

Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Golden State Warriors,
Professional Basketball Team (NBA)

Job duties include:
"[...] assisting the Head Athletic Trainer (Drew Yoder) in the monitoring of player health for the Golden State Warriors. My primary duties include daily evaluation and treatment of ongoing issues, maintaining inventory, maintenance of player health records, communicating between entire medical staff as well as Team Doctors/Consultants, assisting in player evaluation for the NBA Draft and other duties as assigned as they come available."

In his own words:
"The AT Program at the University of Texas at Arlington provided me the educational and clinical tools needed to perform my job. The staff challenged and prepared me for the field of athletic training both skill-wise as well as professionally. When you say you graduated from UTA's program, it is well respected in the profession. It prepares you to not only pass the BOC exam, but it provides you the guidance to succeed after graduation. The program provided me the networking opportunities to begin my career and the support I've received since leaving has been second to none. The alumni of the program have gone on to do well in any clinical setting. I wouldn't have wanted to go to any other program."

Marian Abowd, MS, ATC, LAT Athletic Trainer M. Abowd

Resident, Ben Hogan Sport Medicine, Fort Worth, Texas

Job Duties include:
"As a resident, I have many roles and responsibilities. I am heavily involved in the Lower Extremity Assessment and Performance lab, where we assess movement patterns, neuromuscular control and strength in both the healthy and injured population. Three times a week I help treat patients with different physical therapists at Ben Hogan. At TCU I assist with athlete's rehabilitation, covering different practices and games throughout the week. The residents also work with the School for Classical and Contemporary Dance at TCU. Two days a week, I help teach in the TCU Athletic Training Program."

In her own words:
"The skills I learned in the classroom and the incredible clinical experiences I had set me up to be very successful as a resident. The UTA ATP faculty members help set you apart by constantly pushing to better the program and profession. The combination of the location of UTA and the faculty have opened so many doors and allowed unique opportunities that have allowed me to become very successful as an athletic trainer."

Rodney Caffey, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS, USAW-2, USAPL-CC, EMT-BAthletic Trainer R. Caffey

Athletic Trainer and Performance Specialist at Arlington Orthopedic Associates Performance Institute

Job Duties include:

  • Oversee the sport performance program with program design, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance training
  • Continue and advance post therapy patients to sport/work after discharge from traditional therapy
  • Oversee the bridge programs for patients to move from traditional physical therapy to normal or higher level activities
  • Assist physical therapists with patients to help advance their therapy by providing congruent performance training and rehabilitation
  • Provided the necessary means for the facility to become certified as a USAPL and USAW training facility
  • Served as a liaison for Baylor Scott & White Sports Medicine and Arlington Orthopedic Associates
  • Member of the Baylor Scott & White Sports Medicine Symposium committee
  • Provides marketing and community outreach programs

In his own words:
"The Athletic Training Program truly helped me develop into the professional that I am today. The vision of the ATP staff coupled with that of the clinical experience allowed me the opportunity to build relationships within the area for future job opportunities as well as helped me excel as an Athletic Trainer and I believe I was way better prepared as a professional compared to that of ATP programs. I can say without a doubt I am proud to have gone to the ATP program at UTA and I cannot thank the staff enough for all they have done for me and the Athletic Training profession as a whole. My goal for my career was to work in the clinical setting, specifically in that of sports performance and rehabilitation. The staff at UTA encouraged me toward that goal instead of pushing me in a different direction. They supported me throughout my time in the program and continue to do so even after I have graduated. You cannot ask for a better staff of caring professors that want to see you excel and make an impact on the profession."

Kyle Kratzenberg, MS, ATC, LATAthletic Trainer K. Kratzenberg

Assistant Athletic Trainer at the University of Texas at San Antonio

Head Baseball Athletic Trainer & Head Volleyball Athletic Trainer

In his own words:
"I credit UTA for all my success and accomplishments. The athletic training program at UT Arlington not only helped me become a better athletic trainer, but also a better person. Dr. Krawietz and Dr. Trowbridge are the primary reasons I choose the program at UT Arlington and without them I would not be where I am today. The amount of knowledge and guidance they have provided me cannot be measured. The educators at UTA are by far some of the best in the Athletic Training world and have gave great examples on how to be the best athletic trainer you can be and our passing rate on the BOC proves that. I hold the UTA program very dear to my heart and I tell our students here at UTSA, if they are serious about athletic training and want to be a successful athletic trainer you will not go wrong with UT Arlington."

Jalissa Harkins, MS, LAT, ATC, CEIS™Athletic Trainer J. Harkins

Industrial Athletic Trainer, ATI Worksite Solutions

In her own words:
"UTA was the foundation to my athletic training career. The program's focus on patient-centered care now allows me to provide care and management to over 1000 FedEx employees; each who require care individual to their needs. UTA's encouragement of creativity and critical thinking has provided me with the skills and ability to adjust my athletic training approaches appropriately when handling daily injuries in the industrial setting."

Katie Clark, RN, ATC, LAT Athletic Trainer K. Clark

Physician Extender- Athletic Trainer/RN in a Orthopedic Physician Practice for Dr. James Pollifrone at Arlington Orthopedic Associates

Job Duties include:

  • Patient care in office, evaluate patients, review diagnostic studies with the doctor
  • Fit/adjust durable medical equipment, splints, casts, and prescribe home exercise programs
  • First assistant in the operating room: work as the surgeon's second in command, place dressings, discuss surgical findings, patient education

In her own words:
"UT Arlington's MSAT Program has definitely helped make me the clinician I am today!  Going into a nontraditional field of athletic training, I was concerned I would need a lot of on the job training, but that was not true.  So many of the things we learned (functional anatomy, special tests, rehabilitation for specific injuries/cases, etc) I use on a daily basis in the office.  One of the most important aspects of the program is the clinicals.  The hands-on experience made me more confident in my abilities and skills.  The people you meet at your clinical sites can soon be your future employer.  You may not even realize you’re networking, but you are.  That is how I met Dr. Pollifrone.  I was at South Grand Prairie High School my very first semester where he is the football team doctor.  I used him for my surgical observations and then helped turn him into a clinical site.  That turned into a job opportunity waiting for me after I graduated.  I am very glad I chose UT Arlington's MSAT Program to further my career."

Yu-Lun "Anita" Huang, MS, ATC (US), ATC (Taiwan) Athletic Trainer YLA Huang

"I am a PhD student in the Kinesiology Program at Oregon State University with a concentration in Neuromechanics and working with Dr. Marc Norcross. I am also a teaching assistant for the Lifetime Fitness for Health course, and lab instructor for the Therapeutic Modality class for pre-therapy and allied health undergraduate students."

In her own words:
"The MSAT program at UT Arlington is the place that helped me settle down in the US. The MSAT faculty created a friendly and welcoming environment for learning and exploring new knowledge. Their doors are always open to students, and willing to assist students to grow and become successful, not only for our academic performance, but also our personal development. The experience gained at UT-Arlington shaped who I am now and inspired me to pursue a PhD to become a well-rounded educator.

Just like the one of the most inspiring quotes from Dr. Trowbridge’s class: 'The higher you climb, the more that you see. The more that you see, the less that you know. The less that you know, the more that you yearn. The more that you yearn, the higher you climb.' – Dan Fogelberg

UT Arlington’s MSAT program led and assisted me to climb higher and expand my horizon. The more I’ve learned, the more prepared I am for different challenges in the future!"