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UTA Research Centers

University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute (UTARI)

The mission of The University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute is to bridge the gap between academic research and product development in the areas of product engineering, biomedical technologies, and robotics.

IMSE Affiliation: Dr. Victoria Chen, Dr. Susan Ferreira, and Dr. Brian Huff.

Security Advantages via Applied Nanotechnology (SAVANT)

SAVANT's vision is that by building on our expertise in sensing and nano-technology research in a coordinated manner, we can provide advances that not only enhance the security of our country, but also accelerate the University of Texas at Arlington on the path towards Tier-1 status.

IMSE Affiliation: Dr. Erick Jones is the Deputy Director

Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center

TMAC delivers training and hands-on technical assistance to a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing, government, and health care. We have a wide array of services that improve efficiency, quality, and productivity. Focus areas include: Lean Enterprise, technology solutions, strategic management, quality systems, environment and safety.