Students in Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

New IMSE Graduate Students Advising

International students must attend the Office of International Education's Mandatory Orientation. All new graduate students are encouraged to attend the New IMSE Grad Student Orientation before the semester begins. Advising for your courses will occur after the New IMSE Grad Student Orientation by your Academic Advisor. Ph.D. students should email to Dr. Victoria Chen for academic advising.

Current Master’s Student Advising

Students requesting academic advising for classes must bring a completed graduate advising form and their unofficial transcript. Students planning to add/drop courses must meet their advisor.

Current PhD Student Advising

Current Ph.D. Students should request and appointment with Dr. Chen via email.

Graduating Graduate Students

Graduate students in their graduating semester should follow the steps on the Graduating Graduates page

Follow Steps


Only doctoral students who are U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents are eligible for this fellowship. New Ph.D. applicants must be unconditionally admitted to the Industrial Engineering Ph.D. Program

Learn more and apply for GAANN Fellowship 


The University of Texas at Arlington provides a variety of scholarships and fellowships for students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement. Scholarships and fellowships are typically awarded on the basis of scholastic excellence and adequate preparation for graduate study.


The department offers a limited number of graduate teaching and research assistantships. These positions are offered to students with a good academic background and very good GRE verbal and quantitative scores. For students in STEM programs, this support may consist of some graduate teaching assistantships with STEM tuition fellowships, or grant-funded research assistantships with STEM tuition fellowships. Requirements include a 50% graduate assistantship, full-time enrollment, and unconditional admission. 

Please do not send emails or recommendation letters to any faculty members directly. 

Petition to the Graduate Faculty 

Please use the online Graduate Student Petition form to submit a petition to the Academic Dean. Be prepared to provide the reason(s) why you think that your petition should be granted, along with any supporting documents. If you seek an exemption to University policy, you must provide a justification for such an exemption. 

Once you submit your petition, you will receive a copy of that petition via email. Please keep it for your records. At the same time, your petition will be routed to the appropriate University faculty and staff for their consideration, beginning with your Graduate Advisor. The Academic Dean of your College/School will approve or deny your request. The decision of the Academic Dean is final. 

NOTE: Petitions requesting waiver of tuition, fees or parking tickets cannot be approved through the petition process. 

Curricular Practical Training 

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is one type of employment authorization available to F-1 students interested in gaining practical experience in their field of study while currently enrolled in a degree program. Students seeking a CPT should follow the Office of International Education Requirements.  

The official offer letter requirements: 

  • Must come directly from the employer via email to the department on official letterhead. 
  • The letter must come to Sandra Williams or Kimetha Williams. 
  • No Word documents will be accepted. Must be in PDF form. 
  • The letter must contain: 
    • Job title and description 
    • Beginning and ending date (one semester per offer) 
    • Name of the on-site supervisor with contact information 
    • Salary amount 
    • No volunteer positions except by special approval 
    • The work must be on site at the company. Remote assignments are not authorized 
  • CPT's approved after census date will require a class roll adjustment (CRA). The CRA process carries a fee for the student. These fees will not be waived. 

Undergraduate Advising


Eric Etheridge
Woolf Hall, Room 325 K,


Bring a complete advising form or drop form to your scheduled advising appointment.

Graduate Advising

Sandra Williams
(M.S. students with last names A-M) 
Woolf Hall 325,

Kimetha Williams
(M.S. students with last names N-Z) 
Woolf Hall 325,

Dr. Victoria Chen
(Ph.D. students) 
Woolf Hall 420 J,


Dr. Paul Componation
Professor and Department Chair
Woolf Hall 420 A

Dr. Jamie Rogers
Professor and Associate Department Chair
Woolf Hall 420 F

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Undergraduate Applicants

Graduate Applicants