Spring 2021 Senior Capstone Projects in Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

Spring 2021 Senior Capstone Projects in Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

Spring 2021 - Industrial Engineering Capstone Design

Niagara Offloading Process Improvement

Currently the water offloading process at the Niagara Bottling facility in Dallas, Texas creates a scenario with high driver detention time. Drivers are experiencing wait times between 30 minutes and over 2 hours. In order to fix this issue, a two way communication system will need to be implemented to allow drivers to move on to their next task and save Alan Ritchey money on paid detention time. This
project walks through the steps of defining the problem, measuring the current state, analyzing the process, defining methods to improve the process, and documenting ways the solution can be controlled and maintained for the future. 

Spring 2021 Capstone submitted for Niagara Offloading Process Improvement project


A Caliber Collision Prop Rod Project

Caliber Collision wishes to improve the safety of its shop in a cost effective way through the creation of a universal prop rod.

Spring 2021 Capstone submitted for A Caliber Collision Prop Rod Project


Compass Group: Chartwells Front End Remodel Design of UC Connection Cafe at UT Arlington

Chartwells Higher Education is the recognized leader in contract food service management, hospitality and award winning guest service within 280 college and university dining environments throughout academic institutions across the U.S. After years of service, The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is wanting to renovate the Connection Café. The renovation includes many aspects, but a major focus is the improvement of customer flow through the Café. With the number of enrolled students increasing every year, it is important to have a Café that can accommodate for the future.

Spring 2021 Capstone


Custom Box Company Productivity Improvement

Businesses dealing in relatively low volume/high variability production such as custom or job shop manufacturers face a unique challenge: How can processes be industrialized to improve efficiency without sacrificing the adaptability demanded by their market niche? In this project, a case of insufficient capacity is examined in a simple manufacturing process, and a solution is proposed to increase output without a significant loss in flexibility.

Spring 2021 Capstone


Dollamur: Consumer Direct Location and Layout

With the event of COVID in 2020, Dollamur’s Consumer Direct Department (CD) sales increased by 100%. This change in demand led to a 10% increase in late orders and an excess amount of daily non-value added (NVA) time spent for employee movement and material transportation. If this continues, CD will not be able to meet demand while ensuring quality. The goal of this project is to improve the layout and location of the Consumer Direct Department to reduce employee walking and material transportation time within the system by 20% while providing room for future growth. The DMAIC methodology was used for the project, consisting of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control phases.


Spring 2021 Capstone


Luxottica FTC Process Improvements

The goal for the improvement of the FTC process will be to increase the jobs per hour from 28 to 30+. Improvements should focus on the given task while considering the requested changes and feedbacks that employees will provide throughout the way. 

Spring 2021 Capstone


Siemens Grand Prairie Switchboard Workstation Tool Management

The goal was to reduce tool-related operational expenses within the Switchboard area at the Siemens Grand Prairie plant. To achieve this goa, the team followed the DMAIC process. In the current state, significant variation was found among work areas and within work area, resulting in excess costs and lower productivity. Further, no standardized tool lists existed for each work area. To improve the current state, standardized tool lists were developed, and tool management systems were designed for each work area.

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Spring 2021 Capstone


TDIndustries: Truck Based Service

TDIndustries wants to determine the current standing of their customer accounts that fit an ideal customer profile. The customer profile will be essential to determine the performance of customers. This will be ideal to showcase the future of TDIndustries for the Service Business Unit. 

Spring 2021 Capstone