Fall 2020 Senior Capstone Projects in Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

Fall 2020 Senior Capstone Projects in Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

Fall 2020 - Industrial Engineering Capstone Design

Bombardier Spar Layout

We are working with Bombardier, Inc. to help with reducing the time spent moving jigs and searching for parts


Luxottica Unboxing Workstation

Luxottica is a leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of fashion, luxury, and sports eyewear. Currently, the unboxing area at the Dallas facility needs improvements to meet the companies required JPH (jobs per hour) and increase their quality. According to the management team, they expect the associates to meet a 120 JPH mark to keep up with demand. Our team’s task is to improve the unboxing area station. We have produced a way to improve the unboxing area’s JPH by improving the current workstation ergonomically to improve the associates work speed.


NS Machining Process Waste Reduction and Ergonomic Improvements

Our project was focused on decreasing waste in the machining process of part PH CSN 02 and also improving material handling ergonomics.


Trimex Wholesales Backorder Problem

Trimex wholesale wants to reduce the backorder issue at their warehouse and retail store for their glock series airsoft gun They plan to reduce the back order issue by using a VBA built spreadsheet and possibly by seeking a reliable shipping company

Process Improvement for Drain Pan Production

This project spanned over the last three months in partnership with First Company, a privately owned HVAC manufacturer located in Dallas, Texas. First Co. manufactures and installs custom commercial HVAC units on a national level. In their current operations, the brazing process of attaching the pipe fittings to the drain pans is the bottleneck of the production line. First Co. believes that this bottleneck is due to variation in operator skill and timing. In addition, they feel that the production quality is lacking in consistency of joint strength and appearance which is yielding poor customer satisfaction. First Co. prioritizes this stage of production to be the most critical, and therefore the scope of this project has aimed to only improve this single process without creating a new bottleneck. Multiple alternatives were investigated to improve this process and discover the most ideal solution. A desirable solution to extinguish this bottleneck would include an increase in throughput, reduction of required operators, reduced dependency on operator skill, increased consistency in the quality of the joints between drain pans and fittings, and overall improved customer satisfaction.