Research in the Department of Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

Dramatic, measurable advancements continue to propel UTA toward its goal of becoming one of the nation’s premier research institutions.

The University is designated an R-1 Carnegie “highest research activity” institution, putting it in an elite group. The College of Engineering accounts for nearly half of the university’s research expenditures each year.

Research Areas in Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

Data Analytics and Operations Research

  • Victoria Chen, Ph.D. Approximate Dynamic Programming, Stochastic Programming, Adaptive Treatment Strategies, Airline Optimization, Energy System Optimization, Environmental Decision-making, Sustainability Assessment. 
  • Bill Corley, Ph.D. Optimization Theory, Game Theory, Large-scale Linear Programming, Multi-Objective Optimization, Decision Analysis. 
  • Chen Kan, Ph.D.High-dimensional data analytics, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Signal / Image Processing.
  • Aera LeBoulluec, Ph.D. Data mining, Identify and Analyze Patterns, Decision Analysis (Decision Tree) 
  • Jay Rosenberger, Ph.D. Integer Programming, Stochastic Programming, Large-scale Linear Programming, Applied Simulation, Queuing Models. 
  • Shouyi Wang, Ph.D. Personalized Medicine, Health Care Decision-making, Reinforcement Learning. 

Engineering Education

  • Bonnie Boardman, Ph.D. Undergraduate Student Recruitment, Undergraduate Advising, Freshman Engineering Education, Educational App Development. 
  • Jamie Rogers, Ph.D. ABET, Sustainability, Senior Design Experience. 

Engineering Statistics

  • Victoria Chen, Ph.D. Experimental Design, Statistical Modeling, Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments, Data Mining, Statistical Process Control . 
  • Bill Corley, Ph.D. Distribution Theory, Evidentiary Statistics. 
  • AeraLeBoulluec, Ph.D. Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistical Process Control 
  • Jay Rosenberger, Ph.D. Optimization of Statistical Models, Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments. 
  • Shouyi Wang, Ph.D. Data Mining, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition. 

Human Factors

  • Sheik Imrhan, Ph.D.
  • Shuchisnigdha Deb, Ph.D. 


  • Erick Jones, Ph.D. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Supply Chain Logistics, Automatic Identification, Supply Chain Optimization, Lean Six Sigma Quality, Engineering Management.
  • Jamie Rogers, Ph.D. Healthcare Systems, Transportation and Distribution Systems.
  • Jay Rosenberger, Ph.D. Airline Operations, Airspace Modeling, Airport Planning, Vehicle Routing, Nurse Staffing, Maintenance Scheduling, Energy Systems.


  • Brian Huff, Ph.D. Autonomous Systems, Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems. 
  • Erick Jones, Ph.D. Automated Manufacturing, Radio Frequency Identification. 
  • Chen Kan, Ph.D. Additive Manufacturing, Statistical Quality Control.
  • Xin Liu, Ph.D. Multiscale Modeling of Materials and Structures, Manufacturing Simulations, Machine Learning
  • Jamie Rogers, Ph.D. Facilities Planning and Layout Design. 
  • Yiran (Emma) Yang, Ph.D. Advanced Manufacturing. 

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

  • Paul Componation, Ph.D. Development and optimization of complex systems, decision analysis in distributed engineering design teams, parametric cost modeling.
  • Susan Ferreira, Ph.D. Systems Thinking, Requirements Engineering, Complex Systems and Systems of Systems (SoS) Modeling and Analysis, Systems Engineering Strategy, Risk Management, Sustainability, Ontologies, Investigation of New Areas of Systems Engineering Application. 
  • Mohammad Jahanbakht, Ph.D. Technology Management and Innovation Policy


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