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Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador program’s purpose is to represent the College of Education (COEd) at The University of Texas at Arlington and community recruiting events.

  • Ambassadors should be enthusiastic about the COEd and UTA in general. They should be able to communicate basic knowledge about the college, as well as be able to share their experiences with potential students.
  • In sharing knowledge and experience, Ambassadors will be an integral part of recruiting and increasing the amount of students pursuing a career in education through UTA's COEd.

It is an amazing opportunity for Education students to connect to campus life and College of Education faculty and staff. It can also provide networking with professions and help developing leadership, interpersonal and social skills.

student ambassadors

Current Ambassadors

Marisol Aguilera

Misbah Ahmed

Kayley Carsey

Erin England

Kennydi McIntosh

Abrielle Meyer

Yasmin Mughal

Natalie Paniagua

Oladuni Porter

Justin Redmond

Baylee Salas

Rume Salubi

Maura Smith

Annabel Vacca