Student Ambassador Program

Want to develop your leadership skills, make new friends at UTA, and get involved with the College of Education? We’re looking for outstanding future educators to serve as Student Ambassador. 

The Student Ambassador program’s purpose is to represent the College of Education at community, recruiting, volunteer and professional events! 

  • Ambassadors should be enthusiastic about the COEd and UTA in general. They should be able to communicate basic knowledge about the college, as well as be able to share their experiences with potential students.
  • In sharing knowledge and experience, Ambassadors will be an integral part of recruiting and increasing the amount of students pursuing a career in education through UTA's COEd.

It is an amazing opportunity for Education students to connect to campus life and College of Education faculty and staff. It can also provide networking with professions and help developing leadership, interpersonal and social skills. 

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The Student Experience

Student Ambassador -

Meet Nadia

UTA was the perfect fit! I chose to attend because it was close to home, all my expenses were covered, and the education program is amazing.


Brianna Devito -

Meet Brianna

My favorite professor has been Dr. Kathleen Tice. She has so much knowledge to share and you can feel her passion for literacy and the students...


Student Ambassador -

Meet Raven

I chose to attend UTA because of the campus. I was not very sure where I wanted to go to school at first, but when I toured UTA, I fell in love.


Alessandra Cisneros -

Meet Alessandra

One thing I believe a prospective Education student needs to know is that you are not alone! If there is something you do not understand, your...

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Irene Lopez -

Meet Irene

<p>My first semester at UTA I was very scared of being the 'new' student and going from a community college to a big university like UTA. Do not be...

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Julie

I grew up in Arlington, so UTA has always been visible. When it came time to choose a college, I knew UTA would be a great choice!


Student Ambassador -

Meet Emily

My favorite thing about the College of Education would be my peers. I feel that we all understand each other because of our purpose in becoming...