College of Education Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador program’s purpose is to represent the College of Education (COEd) at The University of Texas at Arlington and community recruiting events.

  • Ambassadors should be enthusiastic about the COEd and UTA in general. They should be able to communicate basic knowledge about the college, as well as be able to share their experiences with potential students.
  • In sharing knowledge and experience, Ambassadors will be an integral part of recruiting and increasing the amount of students pursuing a career in education through UTA's COEd.

It is an amazing opportunity for Education students to connect to campus life and College of Education faculty and staff. It can also provide networking with professions and help developing leadership, interpersonal and social skills.

The Student Experience

Student Ambassador -

Meet Januari

UT Arlington was my dream school. I liked that it was close to the DFW area but was also close to my parents home in Killeen. I was able to be away...

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Kathryn

I heard and researched a lot about UT Arlington's Education program and it is top notch.

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Devinne

I chose to go to UTA because it was a local school to me, being from the Fort Worth area. I love its location, in the middle of two major...

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Ashley

UTA is a great school for a variety of degrees, and not knowing exactly what I wanted to major in this aspect appealed to me. I also live here so it...

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Jenica

I wanted to finish my last two years back at home in Arlington.

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Lily

I chose to attend UTA because of the diverse student population. Financially as well UTA provided the best scholarships out there for me which is what...

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Madison

I chose to attend UT Arlington for it’s accessibility and affordability. I love the campus, and all of the different places there are to study....

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Yanelli

I love how my professors have always been so helpful and encouraging and have always been available in person and virtually.

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Dalila

I choose UTA because I was able to commute easier to school and work. I also choose UTA because it’s an affordable school and it was one of my...

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