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Student Complaints

UTA is committed to addressing student complaints in a fair, consistent and professional manner. The processes below apply to all UTA students, on-campus and those enrolled in distance education courses.

student complaint filing process:

    1. Find the unit or area responsible for the issue in the drop down menu to the left and follow their process for resolution. Be sure to keep track of your efforts to resolve the complaint and if necessary, an appeal. This may include emails, names of persons contacted, dates of meetings and documents submitted.

    2. If your complaint, appeal, or concern is still not resolved AND you possess evidence that you were treated differently than your peers and/or the institution processes or policies were not followed, you may complete the UTA Student Formal Appeal Form.


  1. The UTA Student Formal Appeal Form may not be used for final appeals on grades, nor on student disciplinary decisions as administered by the Office of Student Conduct. The form is a final appeal to the Dean of Students based on evidence of differential treatment and/or procedural irregularities. 

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