Frequently Asked Questions

The Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is a collaborative interdisciplinary committee of University officials that meets weekly to discuss students exhibiting behaviors indicative of high risk.
To refer a student to the BIT, you can contact any BIT representative with the name of the student and a brief narrative of their behavior. If you are concerned about a student, but have not witnessed any distressing or disruptive behavior, please explain your concern in detail. Get more information about referring a student to the BIT.
Once the BIT receives a referral, an email with the student's name and student's number is sent to all BIT representatives prior to our weekly meeting. During the meeting, we discuss the incident or concern that was reported, and each member is asked for additional information that may have been collected through their area of expertise. The BIT then creates a plan for the student and designates a contact person that will handle the situation. At each BIT meeting, updates are given regarding previously mentioned students. Counseling Services and Mental Health Services are available to the BIT for consultation, but are unable to share confidential information about student health and mental health in accordance with federal and state law. Information about a student that is already a client of counseling Services or Mental Health Services cannot be shared at the BIT without written authorization by the student or in an emergency situation where someone's health, welfare or safety are at risk. Learn more about how to Refer a Student to BIT.

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