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About Orientation

About Orientation

As a department within the Division of Student Affairs at UT Arlington, New Maverick Orientation strives for student success.  The mission and vision of the division as well as the University play a part in all of our programs and activities.

New Maverick Orientation Mission Statement

New Maverick Orientation (NMO) strives to support the mission of the Division of Student Affairs and the University of Texas at Arlington by advancing knowledge and pursuing excellence for a student body with diverse needs. NMO facilitates the transition of new students by creating a sense of unity and belonging coupled with social, physical, cultural, and intellectual integration into the UT Arlington academic and co-curricular communities. Overall educational experience is enhanced with the incorporation of active learning and the development of knowledge and skills necessary for holistic collegiate success. NMO understands the importance of students’ families in this success and fosters a healthy, supportive student-family relationship.

New Maverick Orientation accomplishes this mission by offering a student centered program that is accessible to a diverse student body and their families that empowers students with the knowledge and skills necessary to utilize campus support services, take advantage of educational opportunities, meet academic responsibilities, and become a part of the social and co-curricular communities at UT Arlington. During NMO new students and their families will be introduced to history and traditions associated with being a Maverick and students will be equipped to begin a lifetime connection with the University.