Joint Admission Medical Program


The Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) is a special program created by the Texas Legislature to support and encourage highly qualified, economically disadvantaged Texas resident students pursuing a medical education. The program is intended for students in their first or second year of college immediately following high school graduation that are interested in becoming a medical doctor (M.D.) or a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.). Eligibility criteria and additional information is included below!





  • Entrance to an institution of higher education must be no later than the first fall semester following graduation from high school or a home-schooled program. Exceptions to this criterion may be granted on a case by case base for unusual circumstances such as individuals who enter the armed services immediately upon graduation from high school.

  • Apply for Early or Regular Admission

    Early AdmissionApply to the program no later than the Fall of a student's first year of college after graduation from high school while enrolled at a participating university. Twenty-seven (27) semester hours of undergraduate credit must be completed during the senior year of high school as a full-time student at an institution of higher education (no more than 3 semester hours of AP credit can be counted towards the 27 hour requirement). Must have completed two semesters of General Chemistry (with associated labs) with a grade of "C" or better.

    Regular Admission (more common)Apply to the program no later than the Fall of a student's second year of college after graduation from high school while enrolled at a participating university. Twenty-seven (27) semester hours of undergraduate credit must be completed in the first year of college after graduation from high school as a full-time student at an institution of higher education (no more than 3 semester hours of AP credit can be counted towards the 27-hour requirement). Must have completed two semesters of General Chemistry with labs for science majors with a grade of "C" or better. (CHEM 1441 and CHEM 1442)

  • Be enrolled full-time (12 hours) at a participating university at the time of application to the program.

  • Must be able to complete two semesters of Organic Chemistry (with associated labs) prior to the first day of the Fall semester following the first summer program internship.

  • Applicant must be 18 years of age, or older, at the time of entry into the program

  • Applicant must be able to participate in two summer internships provided by JAMP. (Typically offered the end of May through the end of June) 

  • minimum 3.25 overall and Biology-Chemistry-Physics-Math (BCPM) GPA; preference given to higher GPA's. Grades from all courses completed before final selection meeting will be considered.

  • Non-academic, personal factors such as motivation, maturity, integrity, interpersonal communication, service to others and a demonstrated commitment to study medicine. Areas considered include but are not limited to:

  • Shadowing, clinical experience in healthcare (EMT, MA, CNA, scribing, etc.)
  • Volunteering
  • Leadership
  • Research 
  • For resources on these experiences and others, visit the recommended experience section of the Pre-Med Page
  • Be an American citizen or permanent US resident alien.

  • Provide documentation and history as an economically disadvantaged applicant. The definition of economically disadvantaged is financial eligibility for Pell grant or an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) up to $8,000, calculated from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA), unless other evidence of economic disadvantaged status exists.

  • Meet requirements to be employed as a medical resident including but not limited to, being authorized to work in the United States, passing criminal history checks and complying with immunization requirements.

  • Must be able to perform a medical school’s essential functions (either with or without reasonable accommodations) required to complete the generalist medical school curriculum.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a lot of dual credit hours and am classified as a junior. Am I eligible?
    • It will depend on when you graduated high school. If you graduated high school within the past year then you are still considered a freshman and may be eligible! Another consideration is if you served in the military right out of high school. Make an appointment with the JFD, Dr. Greg Hale to discuss your interest and eligibility. 
  • When can I apply to JAMP?
    • There are 2 tracks, Early Admission and Regular Admission. If you completed 27 hours of dual credit including General Chemistry 1 & 2 with labs senior year, then you may be eligible for the Early Admission Track. The Regular Admissions track is more common. Students apply in the summer at the end of their first year of college. Students must have both General Chemistry courses completed by the end of summer and complete OCHEM I and II with labs prior to the start of the next Fall. Be sure to read the other eligibility criteria above. 
  • When do applications open?
    • Typically on May 1st of each year. The deadline is the first week of October BUT it is recommended to submit mid September. 
  • How can I be accepted?
    • There are several factors that are taken into consideration. This is known as holistic review. The main areas will be academics, letters of recommendation, healthcare and non-healthcare experiences, personal factors, motivation, demonstrated commitment to medicine, essays, and the interview. The Spring and summer semesters before applying to JAMP are great times to build your application. 
  • Where can I find more information?



  • Multiple undergraduate scholarship opportunities, including summer stipends
  • Two summer Internship placements
  • Specialized MCAT preparation
  • Personalized mentoring & community
  • Guaranteed admission to a participating Texas medical school IF all criteria are met prior to and during the program
  • Scholarships to attend medical school




  • 5/1/2024: Application OPEN
  • 9/20/2024: RECOMMENDED Submission Deadline
  • 10/4/2024: Final Submission Deadline
    • Read the Application Guide BEORE starting the application
    • Start the application EARLY but submit in by mid-September to include summer activities/courses 
    • Start drafting essays EARLY
      • Personal Statement (5000 characters with spaces): Explain your motivation to pursue the study of medicine and the Joint Admission Medical Program. You are asked to explain why or how. 

      • Personal Characteristics (2500 character with spaces): A key aspect of holistic review includes the consideration of applicants' attributes within the context of their experiences and academic metrics. Describe any personal qualities, characteristics, and/or lived experiences that could enrich the educational experience of others.

      • Unique/Life Circumstances (2500 characters with spaces): Briefly discuss any unique circumstances or life experiences that are relevant to your application. This is not an area to continue another essay or reiterate what you have previously stated but rather an opportunity to discuss anything that has not been previously presented.



These supporting documents must be emailed or delivered to Sandy Hobart in Life Sciences Room 107A or Dr. Hale by October 1st. It is highly encouraged to deliver these documents prior to the deadline. Letters can be emailed by evaluators to or

  • Notice of Intent to Apply
  • High school transcript with class rank   
  • Student Aid Reports (FAFSA) for the current/upcoming and previous school years (This cycle: 2023-2024 & 2024-2025)
  • 2 Letters of Evaluation: (The letter must be sent with this Evaluation Form - both are needed)
    • JAMP strongly recommends that one of these letters be provided by your JAMP Faculty Director (JFD) or by an individual capable of attesting to your academic ability in the sciences.
    • It’s important to note that evaluators should know an applicant well enough to evaluate them both academically and personally.
    • Ideal evaluators may include:

      • JAMP Faculty Director
      • University Faculty Member
      • Work/Volunteer Supervisor
      • Extracurricular Coordinator
      • High School Counselor/Teacher
      • Mentor
  • Official college transcripts (if applicant took college-level courses at another college, including dual credit)
  • Official UTA transcript showing fall, spring, and summer grades and upcoming fall term classes
  • SAT/ACT score(s) no longer required! 






For questions about JAMP, schedule an appointment with UTA's JAMP Faculty Director (JFD) or one of our JAMP Ambassadors. Questions can also be emailed to