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Our office offers guidance and many resources for students interested in graduate level health professional programs such as medical, dental, pharmacy, physician assistant, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and veterinary programs. Appointment options are listed near the bottom of this page. Prior to making an appointment, please visit the FAQ Page. Quick questions are always welcome via email or! 

Students interested in NURSING, KINESIOLOGY or PUBLIC HEALTH are advised by the College of Nursing and Health Innovation



Sandy Hobart, MA, CPhT

Health Professions Advisor, Coordinator III

Pre-Medical Preceptorship Coordinator and Instructor

HPAC Chair

Sandy Hobart


Office: Life Science Building, Room 107A

Haylei Dishinger

Health Professions Advisor


Phone #: 817-272-3292

Office: Life Sciences Building, Room 107F

Greg Hale, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Science

JAMP Faculty Director, UTeach Arlington Co-Director

Director, Science Learning Center

Greg Hale


Phone #: 817-272-3807

Office: Life Science Building, Room 105

Steven Gellman, M.D., MFA, FAAFP

Pre-Med Consultant

Co-Director, Minor Medical Humanities & Bioethics

Steven Gellman


Phone #: 817-272-3843

Office: Life Sciences Building, Room 107G


1-1 appointments: Choose the Peer Mentoring option in the booking options below (Except for UTA Alumni- see contact info in Bio)

"Hey guys! My name is Kayode Aremu but since we will be friends, you can call me Kay. I am a non-trad pre-med biology major because I finished my first two years/A.S. Degree at Eastfield Community College in Dallas. I was the vice-president and president of the science club at Eastfield. I’m currently a TA for genetics and microbiology, and work in Dr. Betran’s research lab on transposable elements in drosophila melanogaster (PIF-like genes).

I enjoy running, music, photography, climbing, skating, and finding new shows to binge. Looking forward to meeting you, having fun, and exchanging knowledge! It will be my pleasure to be a guide in your journey to medicine."
"Hey guys! My name is Ololade Aremu, but most people call me Lola which is much easier to pronounce. I am a senior Pre-Med Biology major and Biochemistry minor. I am a non-trad transfer student from Eastfield College; a Dallas County Community College District after receiving my Associates Degree. I was involved in the Science club at Eastfield college and was privileged to hold an office in the club twice in the two year I attended. I am a member of the SNMA-MAPS association at UTA, and currently a TA for BIOL-3446 and BIOL-4390. I am also a research assistant in Dr. Betran's lab where we are working on transposable elements (TE) in a species of fly known as drosophila melanogaster. When I am not studying, I enjoy reading, rock climbing, traveling, catching up on my crime or medical shows, and spending quality time with family and friends. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any question or need help with something. I look forward to hearing from you!"

"Hey everyone! My name is Phi (pronounced like "fee"). I am a junior majoring in exercise science in the clinical and applied physiology (CAP) track. My goal is to get into physical therapy school and ultimately work as a physical therapist one day. I worked as a physical therapy technician at an outpatient clinic for about a year. As it is getting closer for me to begin applying to physical therapy schools, I am working on gathering shadowing hours in different settings and studying for the GRE. I am in various clubs including FSA, SOKS, and VSA. In my free time, I enjoy working out, playing sports, listening to music, and hanging out with family/friends. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if you just want someone to talk/hang out with (I promise I'm a pretty chill guy). I look forward to meeting y'all!"

"Hello Mavericks! My name is Gifty Saji. I'm a junior pre-dental student majoring in Biology and minoring in Medical Humanities. A little background about me is that I took dual credit classes at Dallas Community College (Eastfield) when I was in high school. I'm currently a member of the Pre-Dental Society and Honors College. I have experience working as a lab prepper, volunteering at nonprofit organizations, and shadowing dentists. During my free time, I like to try out new recipes, binge-watch movies / TV shows, listen to podcasts, and spend time with my family. It is a great pleasure of mine to be working with you as a peer mentor. I'm beyond excited to meet you and be of assistance in any way I can. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out."

Hey everyone! I'm Jeremiah Joseph, a junior inSTEM scholar and a Spring 24’ Archer Fellow at The University of Texas at Arlington. I'm pursuing a dual honors degree: a B.S. in kinesiology (clinical and applied physiology track) and a B.A. in philosophy & ethics. I also have minors in biochemistry, biology, political science, and medical humanities, along with leadership honors.

My passion for promoting health equity has driven me to explore various avenues, including medicine, teaching, community service, research, and business. During my college journey, I've taken on roles as a university-level teacher and tutor, worked as a medical assistant, and served as an assistant administrator in home health and hospice. I've also ventured into videography to serve underserved communities.

In my early college years, I served as a research assistant in The Neurovascular Physiology Lab, where I completed numerous research fellowships and posters. Recently, I've been involved in health informatics research as a research assistant for The Wilson Lab.

Beyond my academic and research pursuits, I'm the co-founder of Elemental Pre-Health, a tutoring and mentoring company for aspiring healthcare professionals. Additionally, I hold leadership positions as the director of community health advancement at Bear Creek Community Church and as the vice president of The Rotaract Club of UT Arlington.

My post-graduation ambitions align with a pursuit of an MD-PhD in health policy or health economics. I look forward to connecting with all of you and supporting you on your journey as a pre-health student.


Hi everyone, I’m Lydia and I will be attending USUHS starting this summer. I am a non-trad student, career changer, military veteran, and married with 2 kids and 4 pets. 

While at UTA, I was involved in different student orgs, volunteered at the free clinic at Mission Arlington, worked in a genetics research lab, and so many more things! I don’t think it’s necessary to “check every box” on your application but I think it is important to try new things because how else are you going to meet new people, gain experiences/perspective, and be more well-rounded? This journey has helped me grow as an individual and I have learned so much along the way.

I would like to mention that when I decided to quit my banking career and dive into the pre-med world full-time, I chose to do my post-bacc coursework at UTA because I saw how involved Sandy is as a pre-health advisor. I cannot stress this enough: take advantage of the pre-health advising office and all the other FREE opportunities and resources that UTA throws at you! Sandy, Dr. Gellman, and the rest of their team are here to help you achieve! Use them, use people you can trust to give you unbiased feedback on your application, and, of course, use us alumni mentors who have been in your shoes. Feel free to email me at - I would love to hear how things are going and try to help in any way I can. Good luck everyone and remember to have fun!

Howdy everyone,

My name is Ryan. I’m an old (no, really) non-traditional student doing a career change, and graduated from UTA in May of ’22 with a second degree under the Academic Fresh Start Provision. More importantly, I just survived the 2022-2023 TMDSAS cycle, and will be attending Long School of Medicine (UT Health Science Center San Antonio) in July of 2023. I’m both relieved and ecstatic!

did full-time school while working full-time (24 hour shifts) as a firefighter/paramedic, and my wife and I had two kids during this period. We just had our 3rd in February of 2023 – thus my medical school years are guaranteed to be a circus.

Optimizing my efficiency was required to make all of this work,and it was not without some pain and sacrifice, but I did it and you can too! While your life no doubt looks different than mine, I am happy to answer questions about any of the pre-med stuff or just give pep talks if needed during this whole ordeal (and it is an ordeal).If I can make any of you feel better about the process I will consider that a win. My email is

Keep your chin up and ask for help if you need it! AND LISTEN TO MS. HOBART!!! She will not steer you wrong.Good luck!

Hello! My name is Jane and I'm currently a PA-S1 at UTSW (Class of 2024). I graduated from UTA in December of 2020 with a BA in Biology and an Honors BS in Exercise Science. I also completed a Masters of Science in Biology from UTA in May of 2022. During my time at UTA, I was very involved in research. I was also involved as a leader at the Baptist Student Ministry, a peer international advisor, SI leader for Anatomy and Physiology, and volunteered at Green Oaks School. I made it to PA school due to the investment of many mentors along the way and I'd love to help you and answer any questions you may have about PA school! Please feel free to email me at

Hey y’all! My name is Jacob Litsey and I am currently a 1st year at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I graduated from UTA in 2021 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and a minor in biochemistry. Throughout my time in undergrad, I was on the pre-med path and had no plans to pursue veterinary medicine. However, after graduating college and working in a veterinary clinic with my father (who is a veterinarian), I decided that veterinary medicine was a better fit for me. While at UTA, I was involved in a number of pre-medical activities, such as serving as the treasurer of a pre-medical club, volunteering at hospitals and shadowing physicians, and participating in the preceptorship program that is offered by UTA. I could not be happier to be pursing my DVM, and I am excited to have the opportunity to help you on your journey to achieving your dreams of entering the world of medicine as well. I am available to answer any pre-veterinary or pre-medical related questions that you have. Mav Up! 

Contact info:

Hey y'all, my name is Caroline, and I'm currently an MS3 at UTMB now John Sealy School of Medicine. I graduated from UTA December 2020 with a BS in biology and minor in biochemistry. I was involved in MAPS (fundraising director), Academic Success Center (tutor), and biology dept (lecture TA, recitation leader).

I try to be intentional about wellness and authenticity. It is certainly difficult as a medical student but not impossible, and I'd love to talk about lifestyle balance and mental health within medical school if this resonates with you.

I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of numerous mentors, and I'd love to pay it forward. Please feel free to email me at or DM me on Instagram

"Hello Mavs! My name is Clifford Rodgers, and I am an incoming Emergency Medicine intern at UT Southwestern Medical Center. I graduated from UTA in 2017 with a B.S. in Biology. I had a very successful medical school application cycle and decided to complete medical school at UT Southwestern Medical School. I will begin EM residency in a few months and would like to help you to reach your goals. I have been successfully mentoring premedical students nationwide with admission to medical school for the past few years. I am very passionate about mentoring and advising the next generation of physicians! To contact me, please visit my website: Dr.Premed ("
"What’s up everyone! My name is Eric Rios and I am first generation non-traditional senior currently majoring in Kinesiology with a minor in psychology. I was the president of the Pre-PA organization and Co-captain of the UTA Soccer club. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer and dabbling into cars. I am eager to be of use in whatever way I can to assist you all on your path towards your desired health career and look forward to meeting some you! Feel free to contact me at"


Hi everyone! My name is Hana and I am currently in the last semester of my Master of Science in Biomedical Science program at UNTHSC. I graduated from UTA in Spring 2021 with Honors B.S. in Microbiology and Biology. I was Terry Scholar and was heavily involved in pre-medical clubs at UTA including MAPS and MDPA (Secretary, Vice President, President) and other organizations on campus, and was a SI leader and recitation leader. I worked in the Boll Lab throughout undergrad and completed the UROP and LSAMP programs, which were amazing experiences! I have also been a scribe in an Emergency Room setting for 2 years and currently work for ScribeNest! Although it's been a few years since I graduated and the journey has been challenging, I am still very passionate about becoming a physician and will be applying this cycle hopefully! I loved my experience at UTA,and think it's an amazing place to be with all the resources and support you could ask for, especially the Health Professions Office. If you have any questions about my journey, the Masters program, the process of going to medical school, how to apply, GPA difficulties, clinical experiences, questions about resources, or need any motivation or advice to keep going, please don't hesitate to contact me! I would love to help you accomplish your dreams of being a doctor! You can email me anytime at or DM me on Instagram (@hanahanahana_). 


"Hey everyone! My name is Joanne and I graduated in December 2021 with an Honors B.S. in Biology. I was accepted with scholarships to both UHCO and UIWRSO and I am planning on starting optometry school at UHCO in the fall of 2022! During my undergraduate years, I participated in undergraduate research through the Honors College, was the secretary of the Pre-Optometry Professional Society (POPS), and I was a teaching assistant for BIOL 1333 and 1441. After graduating, I was offered a position as an adjunct assistant professor for the Biology department where I will be teaching labs for BIOL 2457 and 2460. Since the fall of 2019, I have been working at a private practice optometry clinic where I perform pre-testing, collect patient medical case histories, and scribe for the doctors. Throughout my undergraduate years at UTA, I have been able to connect with so many people who have helped me along the way. It is my dream to serve as a guide and motivate students in their pre-health journeys just as others have inspired me! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out via email at, or direct message me on my optometry Instagram page @eyeamjoanne!"
Hi all, my name is Johny Morkos and I am currently a 4th-year medical student at TCOM. I graduated from UTA in 2020 with a BS in Biology and minors in Biochem and Psychology. I was involved in various organizations on campus, including MAPS, and still, continue to be part of SNMA in medical school. I also had the privilege to work with Ms. Hobart on the Health Profession Leadership Board as well as be a College of Science Ambassador. I am very passionate about mentorship and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the guidance I received from several people. I’d love to help you with your medical journey in any way I can. I am also a JAMP student, so feel free to ask me anything about that as well. The best way to reach me is via my school email:
Hi everyone! My name is Nina Nguyen, and I am a medical student at the Long School of Medicine (UTHSCSA). I was the first in my family to graduate from college (B.S. Biochemistry at UTA) and graduate school (M.S. Medical Sciences from UNTHSC). I remember being in your shoes at one point. Being pre-med can be difficult, but, with the right people and resources, it can also be thrilling, purposeful, and true to what calls you to medicine. I have mentored a handful of pre-med, pre-PA, and pre-dental students throughout the years, and if you ever have any questions, you can email me at Hobbies: camping, backpacking, art, plants. 

"Hey Everyone! My name is Randy Ramirez and I graduated from UTA with my B.S. in Exercise Science in December of 2021. I will be starting my physician assistant education at UTSW in May of 2023. During my time as an undergraduate at UTA I worked as a PAL instructor, PT tech, medical scribe, and medical assistant while concurrently participating in volunteer work and serving on the board of the Pre-PA organization as the event coordinator. While balancing everything necessary to make me a competitive applicant for PA school I also continued to pursue my lifelong passion for soccer and had the opportunity to play semi-pro in the UPSL.

As someone who’s lived the very stressful process of applying, interviewing, and eventually deciding on a program to attend; I know I couldn’t have done so without the help of my various mentors. I hope I can be of help to you on your journey to becoming a healthcare professional. If you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to reach out via email at"

Hey I'm Reggie. I will be attending UCSF in the Fall. I would consider myself a traditional applicant, four years at UTA and one gap year. I graduated from UTA in May of 2022 with an Honors B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. While on campus, I was usually in the SEIR or ERB enjoying bench research. If not there, in the MAC. Off campus, I was gaining an assortment of clinical experience, volunteering, and going to Whataburger (I'm going to miss it). If you have any questions about pre-med, BME, gap year(s), or the application process feel free to reach out to me. My email is Last but not least, apply for HPAC!

"Hey y’all, my name is Rumaila Hussain. I am currently a 3rd year medical student at UNTHSC-TCOM. I graduated from UTA in December of 2019 with a BS in Biology. I was very involved with community service such as Mission Arlington, Prevent Blindness Texas, Hunger Busters, Health clinic at my church, and a Teacher’s Assistant for Early Childhood Development Center at my church. I believe mentorship is extremely important especially when you are a first generation college student and I would love to help you on your journey to medical school. I have mentored 2 pre-med students who got into medical school in 2023. Additionally, you have great faculty at UTA such as Sandy and Dr. Gellman. These two were extremely important in my journey to medical school as they advised me, prepped me, and assisted me with various parts of my med school application. Always use your resources and try your best but never at the cost of your mental health. Take breaks and be confident in yourself! 😊 I have had my fair share of moments of doubt, however I had to learn to remind myself of my WHY. Make sure you take care of yourself because you cannot pour from an empty cup. Lastly, I am currently interested in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. If you ever have any questions, you can email me at"


Hobbies: making delicious healthy breakfast recipes, volleyball, watching Netflix, and hanging out with my 10 nieces and nephews!

My name is Stephanie Elbanna and I'm a 3rd year at TCOM. Originally graduated from UTA in 2020 with B.S. in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Arabic Language. I've spent almost my life in Fort Worth and am passionate about primary care and education. If you need tips, tricks, or help structuring a plan for how to boost your GPA, reach an MCAT target, LOR hunting, interview prepping or personal statement/other essay writing - I'm happy to help. Have extra life stuff that is causing more obstacles? I've been there and we'll get through it together. I'm here to make sure you have the best possible chance to reach your dream. You can reach me via phone: 682-564-2576 or email: Anytime. Can also meet in person or virtually. We'll make it work.


Hi everyone! My name is Trung Nguyen. I grew up in Arlington, TX. I went to UT Arlington and majored in biology and had some minor in biochemistry and psychology. I was part of the life changing JAMP program while I was at UTA. I went to UT Southwestern for medical school and right now, doing my neurology residency. I'm interested in epilepsy, sports neurology and neuro ophthalmology. My hobbies include baking, working out and hiking. My passions are in medical education, nutrition and exercise in health, and physical and mental wellness in medical school. Since you're already reading this here's one advice I would tell my younger self: plan efficiently and always seek advice from reliable if you're not sure about career planning. You can email me at for any questions.

Hey y’all!

My name is Ayman Amiera, and I’ll be attending UNTHSC-TCOM entry year 2024! I graduated from UT Arlington in December of 2022 with a degree in Communications (Public Relations).

I jumped onto the pre-med track in the summer of 2020 with a pretty awful academic track record (academic suspension, multiple F’s, D’s, and W’s on my transcript). I had to “reinvent myself” to show the admissions committees that I could handle the rigor of medical school (upward trend!)

Aside from school, I was very involved in community service with the underserved and vulnerable populations in the DFW area. I also worked as a medical scribe at the local Emergency Department. I genuinely believe these were the highlights of my application!

I wouldn’t have been able to succeed without the help of my mentors. I would love to help you with anything you may need on your journey. From MCAT prep resources, to securing letters of recommendation-anything you need I am happy to help! If I don’t have the answer, I’ll help you find it.

I look forward to hearing from yall! Email me at:


***NOTE: Pre-Health is not a major, therefore, we do not provide a degree plan or remove academic advising holds UNLESS you are a non-degree/second bacc student NOT completing a degree at UTA. Our goals are to guide, make recommendations, and share the expectations to be a great candidate for a health professional career.

Multiple booking service options are available depending on your specific need. ALL services have the option for appointments via email or virtually via Microsoft Teams. In-person options are available on different days for each pre-health team member depending on the booking service. Read each description carefully and select the most applicable service before booking. Information about Microsoft Teams can be found here




~Pre-Health Advising for Current FIRST-DEGREE Students - This appointment is for current or incoming accepted students that have not completed a Bachelor's Degree, seeking guidance on admission requirements, process, and expectations for graduate health professional schools. Please note, academic advising holds are removed by meeting with your MAJOR advisor. Nursing students should seek advising from the College of Nursing.




~Pre-Health Advising for FIRST-DEGREE Prospective/Future Students - This appointment is for prospective students that are not current UTA students and have NOT completed a Bachelor's degree who are seeking guidance on admission requirements, process, and expectations for graduate health professional schools. Nursing students should seek advising from the College of Nursing. For transfer credit information, visit UTA's Transfer Evaluation System Page



~Pre-Health Advising for Non-Degree Seeking or Second Bacc Students (Post Bacc) - This appointment is for students with a completed bachelor's degree that are interested in taking undergraduate courses as a Post-Bacc. We guide and make recommendations to students regarding admission requirements, processes, and expectations of graduate health professional schools. If you took courses at UTA or have been accepted to UTA, include your student ID number. Second-Bacc students need to visit their major advisor to remove academic holds if planning on completing a degree. Post-Bacc students should also visit our Post Bacc Page for detailed information.




~Peer MentoringAll pre-health students are encouraged to make an appointment with one of our current pre-health students! They offer general advice on the stressful pre-health path and how to prepare for it since they have been through it!



~Feedback on Essays, Personal Statements, and Application Components - This appointment is for alums and current students applying to a professional school or special program within the year and would like feedback on application components and/or personal statements & essays. **For personal statement or essay feedback, depending on who you are meeting with, email your document to or at least 48 business hours prior to the appointment. During HPAC applications, appointments will only be available with Dr. Gellman. HPAC feedback appointments are available with Ms. Hobart after the HPAC review period.  



~Mock Interview Session -This appointment is for alums and current students wanting to practice interviewing for their professional school, JAMP or HPAC Interview. You can scheduled your appointment with Ms. Hobart or Dr. Gellman. During HPAC applications, interviews can only be booked with Dr. Gellman. You can also utilize UTA's Career Center for additional practice including access to a Pre-Health Interview Stream:

Students can access these questions by registering an account on interview stream
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~Medical Career Discussions - This appointment is for prospective, current, and post bacc students that would like to discuss medical training expectations, career interests, and professional practice experiences with with Dr. Gellman. He is eager to share his experiences as a board certified practicing family physician for 30 years and discuss the various opportunities in the medical field with you.