LOR's, Personal Statements, and Interviewing


Letters of Recommendation (LORs) are an important part of any graduate level program. Building relationships early during your time as an undergraduate is valuable! LORs allow admissions committees to get a better picture of your personal qualities and capabilities. Students should check with specific programs on the type and quantity of letters required. The standard is 3-5 letters. Most highly recommend (if not require) a letter(s) from science faculty members. Personal references are not accepted. If interested in obtaining a Committee Letter of Recommendation, visit UTA's HPAC Page


Suggested Steps for asking for Letters 

  1. Start building relationships with your professor. (Starting freshman year!) This can include participating in class, asking questions, going to office hours, etc. This can also happen virtually via email, keeping your camera on during lecture, going to office hours just to introduce yourself and/or ask questions. YOU have to make an effort early! 

  2. Research application & letter deadlines and be sure to give the evaluator/letter writer enough notice! I recommend at least 1 month's notice. Since most application cycles for health professional schools begin in May, letters should have been requested by April. For HPAC, letters should be requested in December and followed up with in January. Recently dated letters are preferred over letters from a year ago.

  3. Choose evaluators that KNOW YOU WELL who can attest to your personal qualities. Contact the evaluator via email or in person. Your approach should be kind and professional. Provide enough information to the evaluator such as transcripts, personal statements and/or resume (including volunteering/shadowing experience). Offer to meet with them. A letter should NOT be EXPECTED. The evaluator has the right to decline your request.

  4. If your evaluator has agreed to write a letter, provide instructions on how to send the letter.
    1. Medical, dental and vet only - If you would like the Health Professions Office to send your letters to application services and/or for the HPAC application, provide evaluators this COVER LETTER to send with the letter. Fill out the top section. Delivery instructions are provided on the cover letter. You should also provide them with a copy of the Guideline Handout below and a deadline. Clarify delivery instructions and letter requirements***.

    2. If you are planning to have evaluators send their letters directly to the application service(s) as individual letters, the cover letter is not required. However, you should make sure the evaluator is aware of the process for sending the letter, the letter requirements***, and deadline

    3. ***TMDSAS Letter Requirements 

      All letters of evaluation must include the following criteria in order to be accepted by TMDSAS. Any letters that do not meet these standards will be rejected. 

      1. Be written on official letterhead (personal or professional letterhead is accepted)
      2. Include the evaluator's contact information (specifically a phone number and/or email address) 
      3. Include the evaluator's signature 
      4. Include the applicant's name
      5. Letter must be dated. Admissions committees will take the date of the letter into consideration during review, with a strong preference for letters written after May 1, 2022.
      6. Written in English
  5. Follow up when needed. Evaluators are human and can forget! We are very busy so a friendly reminder in person or via email can't hurt. However, do not constantly bug us!

  6. Don't forget to send a thank-you card or email and notify them when accepted!

Guidelines for Letter Writers

This Guideline from AAMC for Letter writers can help evaluators when composing a letter. Even though this guideline focuses on letters for medical school applicants, it can be useful for all pre-health professions.


REQUESTING LETTERS to be sent to TMDSAS, AMCAS, AADSAS, or AACOMAS by the Health Professions Advisor 

This service is available to all alumni and current students regardless if they received an HPAC letter. In order for the Health Professions Advisor to upload a letter packet on your behalf, read the following instructions thoroughly. This does not apply to students using the Individual Letter option.

  1. Check YES to releasing the information to your Health Professions Advisor and/or UTA on your application(s)
  2. Read the letter of evaluation section in the application handbook(s) thoroughly.
  3. In the letters section of your application(s), select the HPE Committee Packet or Letter Packet option. Students that received a committee letter should pick the Committee Letter/Packet option if available. (NOTE: For TMDSAS- all students should select the HP Packet option; For AACOMAS & AADSAS- the committee packet must be selected for me to send a packet of letters but they may only count as 1 letter by some schools - verify with school)
    1. If contact information is needed, input Sandy Hobart- sandy.hobart@uta.edu. NOTE: This information must be entered for AACOMAS and AADSAS in order to upload your letters and rights to the letters must be waived
  4. COMPLETE SUBMIT the Recommendation Submission Request Form ONLY IF THE HEALTH PROFESSIONS ADVISOR HAS ALL LETTERS REQUESTED & the LETTERS SECTION ON THE APPLICATION IS COMPLETE.  It is the student's responsibility to verify if the Health Professions Advisor has received all letters and contact evaluators as needed.  
    • All IDs, Letter ID’s, and PINs are required for each application service you are requesting uploaded letters. *An AMCAS Letter ID is needed for all AMCAS requests
    • If submitting to multiple applications, it is preferred to complete 1 submission form when all applications are ready for letters. However, a separate request can be sent for each application service when ready.
    • Any missing/incorrect information on the form WILL cause a delay in the request
  • Please allow up to 3-4 business days for your request to be completed. ***Letters DO NOT cause a delay in application processing. You can submit your completed application(s) even if letters have not been uploaded.



A personal statement is the opportunity to convey your unique personality and journey. The ultimate question to answer is WHY and WHAT? Why do you want to pursue this field and what have you done to prove your reasoning? Self reflection and details are important. Below are some helpful links to writing personal statements and how to receive feedback. 

    • SHOW don't TELL - your interests, motivation, and personal characters should be backed with actions & evidence. 
    • AVOID GENERIC statements- EX: I want to help people, I love science, the human body is cool, I'm empathetic, etc.
    • BE HONEST - don't write what you think will "sound good" to admissions committees
    • Reflect, reflect, and reflect some more on the real reason WHY along with ALL experiences that can back up the WHY. Be sure to write these reflections down. 
    •  Make sure to ANSWER the PROMPT!!!
  • SECC (LS 106) Resources
    • Get Into Medical School: A Guide for the Perplexed
    • Barron's Essays that will get you into Medical School
    • The MedEdits Guide to Medical School Admissions 


  • Personal Statement Review/Feedback

    • Health Professions Office Feedback
      • Essays can be emailed to Sandy Hobart at sandy.hobart@uta.edu - feedback typically given within 5 business days (Note: may be longer during summer months)
      • Appointments for feedback by Sandy Hobart or Dr. Gellman can be made HERE


    • Dr. Timothy Ponce, Senior Lecturer English Department
      • message timothy.ponce@uta.edu on Teams for appointment



The interview is an important part of any admissions process. It allows admissions committees to get to know an applicant in person and assess personal characteristics. It also provides the opportunity to clarify information on the application. The Career Center and Health Professions Office offers resources to help you. 

**Students applying this cycle who are in need of a quiet space to interview can reserve a room for their upcoming interview. Please contact Teresa Jendel-Davis at Teresa.jendeldavis@uta.edu at least 48 hours in advance.