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Master of Education - Curriculum and Instruction - Open Option

Total hours: 30

Core Requirement: Curriculum (12 credit hours)

EDUC 5305 Effective Teaching and Learning for 21st Century EC-12 Students
EDUC 5309 Advanced Teaching Models for Diverse Learners
EDUC 5394 Understanding and Designing Classroom Research
EDUC 5397 Implementing and Disseminating Classroom Research (Capstone)

Six courses chosen which support the candidate's professional growth, an additional academic discipline or an add-on certificate such as ESL or Bilingual. Prior approval of the coursework by the faculty advisor is required.

Focus Area

53XX Choose courses in consultation with your program director

Program of Work

Upon admission to the program, you will meet with your program director to create a program of work. This will plot out what courses you will take each semester until you complete the program.