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Girls entering 5th, 6th, 7th,  8th and 9th grade in the Fall
Camp Dates: July 29-August 2, 2019

The goal of a girls-only camp is to increase the interest of high ability young women in a career in engineering by combating stereotypes, creating connections, reducing the issue of competition for resources with boys, and demonstrating the real-world social impact of engineering. This one-week day camp will introduce middle school young women to the field of engineering by showing how engineering is connected to personal issues, social concerns, and community interests.

By conveying engineering concepts in a more personal, social and community-oriented context and introducing them to middle school girls, we will show how engineers connect, communicate, and improve the world. Campers will experience faculty presentations and lectures, lab tours, field trips, hands-on activities. Some example topics and classroom activities have included:

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  • Aerospace Engineering – make aerodynamic paper airplanes!
  • Bioengineering - watch someone get nervous
  • Civil Engineering – visit the road UTA has in the basement
  • Computer Science Engineering – what are “smart” machines?
  • Electrical Engineering – looking at the range from internet to iPods
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering - a demonstration with Legos?!
  • Material Science Engineering – look through the electron microscope at huge bugs!
  • Mechanical Engineering – interact with the M&M robot :)
  • Chemistry - set things on fire
  • Physics - freeze ice cream or launch toys

How to Apply

Each year we have more student applications than we have space for in our camps. Therefore it is extremely important that you get your application in as early as possible and that the application packet is complete with all the requested material. Please submit your application by deadline (tbd).

Cost to attend this 5-day camp: $350.00 (Scholarships are available.)


Before you start! The student must be present so they can fill out the student questions. 

  1. Complete the online application form. 
  2. Obtain from your school an official copy of your academic record for this current year and last year (transcript or cumulative folder). If not available, ask your school to provide a copy of your grades (current and last year) with a signature of a school representative on it to indicate the grades are accurate. A school representative may include registrar, teacher, principal, counselor, etc. If your school has electronic transcripts, your transcript may be emailed directly to with the subject line of “Transcripts for ________” including the first and last name of the student. The electronic transcripts must be sent directly from the school or they must be signed by a school representative before sending them in. (If you are home-schooled please contact us for more info.)
  3. Have your MATH or SCIENCE teacher complete the evaluation form and return it to you in a sealed envelope with the teacher’s signature across the seal. Or your teacher may e-mail the form to us directly by following the instructions on the form. (If you are home-schooled please contact us for more info.)

Grades and evaluations may also be sent to:

  Engineering Summer Camps
  UT Arlington College of Engineering
  Box 19014
  Arlington, TX 76019-0014
  Fax: 817-272-1296

Applications will be acknowledged with an e-mail when they are received. Do NOT send any money with the application. Students who are accepted to the camp will be notified and they will receive additional registration, scholarship application criteria and payment information at that time. 

Apply Now

For additional information, contact:
(817) 272-1295

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more info about UT Arlington summer camps?

Please describe the process by which a student is accepted to camp?
The process that we use to accept students is that we evaluate each application to determine if the student will be a good fit for our camp and then for those that we feel will work well, we accept them in the order they applied. When we review applications we look at all the material that is submitted - transcripts, student answers to the questions, teacher evaluation, and student activities. Based on our assessment of this material we decide if that student will be a good fit for our program and whether the student will get a positive experience from it. In particular, not every student will appreciate our structure, the large size of the group of students, and the fact that they will be interacting with many students they don't know among other issues.

How can I help my student be accepted to summer camp?
Return the application materials with all supporting documentation as soon as possible.

Is there a waiting list?
Each year, we receive more applications than we have space in each camp; so those students who do not initially get accepted are placed on the waiting list. After letters of acceptance and registration packets are sent out, if a spot comes available due to a cancellation, we will reference our waiting list. Unfortunately, we can never predict if or when a spot will open up. We realize that this may cause some inconvenience, but we do our best to notify students and parents as soon as we can.

How do I apply for a scholarship?
There are two steps to the camp scholarship process:

  1. Send in the camper’s complete camp application documents (no money is required at this point) along with a letter explaining the financial need for applying for a scholarship.
  2. Once we review applications we will notify accepted students and the amount of scholarship awarded (full, partial or none).

Are parents required to attend the orientation session?
YES, at least one parent or guardian is required to attend this presentation which will describe the camp program and coming week’s activities.

Should I send my payment to reserve a spot?
NO! Please wait until you hear if your student has been accepted. We cannot accept responsibility for money/checks/money orders, etc., that are included with the application.