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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

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Honors College Advocates

Get Involved and Share Your Experiences!

What is it?

The Honors College Advocates are a select group of actively involved and committed Honors students chosen through an application and interview process each Spring semester. Their main function is to showcase Honors at UT Arlington by serving as the official student hosts and representatives for the College.

What does it take to be an Honors College Advocate?

Advocates must have strong communication skills, be knowledgeable about the Honors College, and embody the principles of excellence in the Honors College. They must also feel comfortable speaking to other students in a variety of structured and unstructured settings. The ideal Advocate is well-rounded, highly motivated, friendly, enthusiastic, forthright, and eager to highlight everything that the Honors College and UTA have to offer. Ideally, they are committed to helping shape the future of the Honors College, not only in the legacy of leadership they leave behind but also in their outreach to a wide range of prospective students and helping to bring a diversity of fresh faces and ideas into the College.


Candidates must be in good standing with the College, be making progress toward their Honors College Degree, and have completed at least one semester in the Honors College.

What does an Honors Advocate do?

Being an Honors Advocate involves taking on certain responsibilities—the willingness to give up time, sometimes in the evenings or weekends—in the interest of supporting the Honors College and its events. Advocates interact and engage with prospective students to gain critical communication skills, while also promoting the Honors College and its opportunities. They provide insight about the College and are committed to being an integral part of the recruitment and retention of Honors students. Advocates also serve as peer advisors and mentors to current Honors students by being accessible during scheduled office hours to answer questions and support their fellow peers academically, professionally, personally, and socially.

Advocates will commit to:

  • MANDATORY: Attendance at the Honors New Student Orientation
  • MANDATORY: Attendance at the Scholarship and Induction Ceremony and Reception in the Fall
  • MANDATORY: Attendance at one Maverick Experience/Preview Day or Senior Academic Excellence Day per semester
  • MANDATORY: 1 office hour a week talking to prospective students and their families, answering questions for current students, or assisting the Honors College staff with various tasks
  • 6-8 hours a semester representing the Honors College at other recruiting events or Honors College sponsored events
  • Recruit new Honors students by informing friends and classmates about the opportunity to join
  • Provide feedback to the Honors College staff regarding recruitment
  • Exude enthusiasm and excitement about being an Honors student and have a great attitude and team spirit

What are the benefits?

  • Opportunity to represent the Honors College and share your experiences as a student at UT Arlington with prospective students
  • Develop critical leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Strengthen your résumé and gain valuable experience
  • $200 yearly scholarship

How do I apply?

Download the Advocates application for AY 2018-19

The application for Academic Year 2019-2020 is not yet available.

Fill out the Advocates application for AY 2019-20

The Advocates application for AY 2019-20 is now closed.

Turn applications in to Brittney Kwan, Suite 100, College Hall. The deadline is April 5, 2019, 5:00 p.m.
Interview dates: TBA (mid April)

The deadline was April 5, 2019, 5:00 p.m.
Interview dates: TBA (mid April)


Please contact Brittney Kwan at or 817-272-7215.

Thanks for your interest in being an outstanding leader in the Honors College!