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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

Interdisciplinary Studies


D-Lange-Profile-2.pngInterdisciplinary Studies (INTS) is a program within the Honors College that allows intellectually curious students to create a degree specifically tailored to the fields of study that interest them.
Graduating with a customized major from an Honors College is a prestigious endeavor and helps program graduates stand out to admissions committees at graduate schools, law schools, and medical schools.

INTS students build a major out of multiple minors/certificate programs for a highly specialized experience. Previous degree combinations include:

  • African American Studies Minor + Disability Studies Minor
  • Astrophysics Minor + French Minor
  • Business Minor + Political Science Minor
  • Classical Studies Minor + Biology Minor
  • Classical Studies Minor + Military History Minor
  • Diversity Studies Minor + Anthropology Minor
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor + Sustainable Engineering Minor
  • German Minor + Philosophy Minor
  • Leadership Studies Minor + Certificate of Entrepreneurship
  • Linguistics Minor + Business Minor
  • Psychology Minor + Business Minor
  • Women & Gender Studies Minor + Spanish Minor
  • And many others!

Undergraduate Catalog

You can read more about Interdisciplinary Studies in the online Undergraduate catalog.

Application Procedure

Students interested in an Interdisciplinary Studies major must meet the eligibility requirements set by the Honors College. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to apply to the Honors College as soon as possible, and they should also meet early on with an academic advisor in the program to begin developing a tentative degree plan. All students admitted to INTS are required to also become members of the Honors College, and as such will enjoy all benefits and be expected to meet all requirements of the College. Please contact INTS Academic Advisor Dr. Rebekah Chojnacki for more information:

To schedule a prospective advising appointment, click here.

Steering Committee

The Interdisciplinary Studies program has a steering committee with members from across the campus to ensure the academic integrity and rigor of the program.

21-22 & 22-23
COS - Foss, Frank W, Jr
COE - Kruzic, Andrew
COB - Frazier, Greg
CONHI - Garner, Rebecca L
COEd - Hungerford-Kresser, Holly
COLA - Conrad, Paul
19-20 & 20-21
SSW - Praetorius, Regina T
COS - Foss, Frank W, Jr
COE - Peterson, Lynn
COB - Frazier, Greg
CAPPA - Allen, Diane Jones
CONHI - Garner, Rebecca L
COEd - Hungerford-Kresser, Holly
COLA - Arditi, David M
Permanent Members (CAAS & CMAS)
Shelton, Jason E
Zlolniski, Christian
Ryan, Scott D
Chojnacki, Rebekah Joanna
Henry, Timothy L


The bylaws governing the program can be found here: INTS Bylaws