UTA Benefits Annual Enrollment

Benefits Annual Enrollment for the 2024-2025 plan year takes place from July 15-31, 2024. During Benefits Annual Enrollment, you may make changes to your benefits enrollment, such as adding coverage, dropping coverage, adding dependents, or removing dependents. Any changes made during annual enrollment will become effective September 1, 2024, except for adding Short- or Long-Term Disability coverage, which requires Evidence of Insurability (EOI) or for adding or increasing Voluntary Group Life insurance (VGTL). These types of coverage will become effective when the EOI application is approved. If you elect to add Disability insurance or increase Voluntary Life insurance, you will be directed to complete EOI online in the system workflow. Your current insurance coverage will continue to the new benefit year, if no action is taken, with the expectation of UT FLEX. UT FLEX is the only benefit that must be renewed every annual enrollment. If you would like to enroll or continue a Health Care and/or Dependent Care Reimbursement account in the next plan year, you must log in to My UT Benefits and make your election.

The resources listed below are available to help you understand your benefit options and make enrollment decisions for the upcoming year.

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Annual Enrollment Overview - Coming July 2024

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Virtual Annual Enrollment - Coming July 2024

Benefit Plan Changes for Plan Year 2024-2025


Highlights of Employee Benefits Changes - Coming July 2024

Highlights of Retired Employees Benefits Changes - Coming July 2024

How do I access my benefits and navigate the UT Benefits website for Annual Enrollment?


  • The Annual Enrollment election window is open through 11:59pm Central Standard Time on July 31st.
  • If you make any changes during Annual Enrollment, review your confirmation statement within My UT Benefits and keep a copy for your records.
  • UT Flex Flexible Spending Accounts: If you would like to enroll or continue a Health Care and/or Dependent Care Reimbursement account in the next plan year, you must log in to My UT Benefits and make your election.
  • You have until August 15th to submit any required Evidence of Insurability or dependent documentation in My UT Benefits, please keep in mind if the documents are not provided by the August 15th deadline related benefit changes will not take place and if you added dependents during annual enrollment, they will be removed from your benefits coverage.
  • Voluntary Group Term Life: There are no premium rate changes for Voluntary Group Term Life coverage. Voluntary Group Term Life Coverage rates are based on your age. Because of this your premium rate bracket may change depending on your age on September 1, 2024. To add or increase Voluntary Group Term Life during Annual Enrollment you’ll need to complete your Evidence of Insurability (EOI).
  • If you are waiving the Basic Coverage Package, submit the required Evidence of Waiver by August 15. Information about waiving coverage is on utbenefits.link/EmpPremiumSharing
  • Expect new ID cards for UT Select, and any new plans elected.
  • Keep your ID cards for any plans that did not change.
  • Keep your UT Flex Debit Card if you have one. Your debit card will continue to work if you make a UT Flex HCRA election.
  • Expiring cards are automatically replaced when necessary.




Employee Resources - Coming July 2024

Retired Employee Resources- Coming July 2024

Annual Enrollment Checklist

2024 Benefits Annual Enrollment Checklist

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