Vocal Ensembles

A Cappella Choir

The A Cappella Choir is the premiere choral ensemble of the university. Under the direction of UTA Director of Choral Activities, Karen Kenaston-French, the A Cappella Choir performs a diverse array of challenging choral literature from the Renaissance to the present, with special emphasis on compositions from the 20th-21st centuries. Comprised of 40-50 men and women selected by audition each fall, the Choir performs formal concerts each semester, tours, and represents the university in festivals and workshops. Most members of A Cappella Choir were in auditioned high school choirs, have had voice lessons, and read music at an intermediate to advanced level. The expectation of commitment is for a full year, fall-spring. The A Cappella Choir rehearses Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 1:00-2:20 p.m.

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University Singers

The University Singers have a long history of great music-making. Under the direction of Dr. John Wayman, this dynamic ensemble performs pieces considered standards in the history of choral music – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and beyond. In addition, the Singers present a wide variety of more contemporary choral music from around the world in styles ranging from folk to gospel to musical theatre. Most members of University Singers have sung in high school or church choirs and have at least a basic knowledge of how to read music. University Singers rehearse Tuesday-Thursday, 3:30-4:50 p.m.

Vocal Arts Camps and Workshops

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