Maverick Music Education Summer Institute

About the Maverick Music Education Summer Institute

The Maverick Music Education Summer Institute (MMESI) is a robust summer workshop experience for in-service teachers or graduate students providing them with an opportunity to learn new skills and gain professional development or master’s degree elective credit.

Graduate students will enroll in the appropriate class with tuition covering workshop costs. Non-credit seeking workshop participants will pay a fee dependent on sessions selected. Non-credit seeking participants can receive CPE credit to apply towards teacher certification. See below for dates and costs.

Read below to learn about our fantastic panel of presenters for 2022.

If you are a workshop only participant for the fine arts administrator and/or rehearsal techniques sessions, register today to reserve your place! If you would like to attend the Gordon Institute Music Learning Theory workshop, you will register on the GIML website. If you are interested in receiving graduate credit for the course, please contact Dr. Lange.

2022 MMESI Offerings

June 13-16, 2022 8:30am-11:30am

Join us as Christopher Anderson, Matt Edwards, Jeff King, and Glenn Lambert share their insights on fine arts administration. Topics will include how to help your fine arts director help you and how to transition to fine arts administration as well as other fine arts administration topics. Participants can choose to attend only the morning sessions for $200 or pair it with the afternoon rehearsal techniques sessions for $350.

Band Directors: These sessions coincide with the 2022 Summer Concert Band Camp. We would love to have your students attend camp while you gain some valuable professional development!

June 13-16, 2022 1:30pm-4:30pm

These afternoon sessions have it all! Master pedagogues in band, choir, orchestra as well as composition highlight our afternoon sessions.

Instrumental Participants - Hear from veteran directors and composers Brian Balmages, Margaret Brown, Jeff King, and Joe Muñoz!

Vocal Participants - Your sessions will be led by Colton Blake, Karen Kenaston-French, John Wayman, and Jolene Webster!

Participants can choose to attend only the afternoon sessions for $200 or pair it with the morning fine arts administration sessions for $350.

Band Directors: These sessions coincide with the 2022 Summer Concert Band Camp. We would love to have your students attend camp while you gain some valuable professional development!


June 6-17, 2022 8am-5pm

Music Learning Theory from the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML) will be the focus of this two-week workshop. Week 1 will be music learning theory in action while week 2 will focus on putting theory into practice application. Students will pay GIML directly $750 for this two-week workshop.

Fine Arts Administration Presenters

Fine Arts Administration Sessions

 Monday - Jeff King
 Tuesday - Glenn Lambert Wednesday - Christopher Anderson
Thursday - Matthew Edwards
 Avoiding Trouble at Work
Fine Arts Leadership for Dummies: What I wish I’d known before I jumped into this ocean.
 The Big Ticket: Large-scale funding strategies for comprehensive approaches to district equity challenges.
From Technical to Transformative - Everything I need to Know, I learned from Ted Lasso!
This session will focus on understanding the Ins and Outs of Finance, Hiring and Administrative Expectations  This session will focus on relationships and marketing your programs in your school district. He will also discuss items such as: Growth plans, hiring process, communication, and some of the many mistakes that he’s made!
The discussion in central office across the country is about how we allocate resources with equity. Districts use central funding strategies, pass Bond Referendums, and devise capital outlay programs to begin to tackle this problem, but expenditure without strategy won’t have the desired effect. This session will focus on the “how-to” of bonds, strategies regarding building facilities, and how to develop per capita funding models for 199 monies that power the entire district’s fine arts programs.
This session will focus on finding a balance between the technical aspects of being a fine arts administrator the power of transformative work that can happen between leaders and teams. While budgets, curriculum, buildings, and screening job candidates are important parts of what we do, they are not all that we do. Developing leaders is essential to the work of any fine arts administrator. Come see why and how we go about this process!


Choral Session Presenters

Vocal Sessions

Monday - John Wayman
Tuesday - Jolene Webster
Wednesday - Colton Blake
Thursday - Karen Kenaston-French

Transforming Your Choral Classroom through Social-Emotional Learning

Tone Transformation: Connecting Vocal Warmups & Literature

It Takes Two, Choir and You: Choral Activities for Vibrant Rehearsal
Creating & Cultivating Human Connection in the Choral Classroom

Middle School Tenor/Bass Voices: Getting Them Started & Ready for Action!
Score Study: Preparing for Choral Success

Conducting Techniques: The Power of Gesture

  In this session we will focus on many activities involving body, voice, mind, and spirit that inspire students and directors alike to become creative performers evoking expression and response. The music room, rehearsal hall, and the stage are all places where incredible ideas are awaiting conception. Something magical happens when voices unite in the harmonious balance of excellence and creativity. 

Before we connect our singers to the music, we have to first connect our classrooms to the singer! Join Blake in exploring interactive ideas to create and cultivate connection in the choral classroom with creative strategies that will keep your singers coming back for more!

Middle School Tenor/Bass Voices can be quite the challenge to navigate, but you don't have to navigate it alone! Join Blake in this high-energy, hands-on session exploring innovative strategies on voicing your tenor/bass singers, getting them to sing on the first day of school, choosing exciting repertoire, and so much more.

We will discuss why score study is one of the most important tasks we have, develop a checklist for score preparation, and explore ways to bring a deeper musicality to our interpretation, beyond what is printed in the music.

How is our gesture connected to the sound we ask for and receive? This session will examine traditional conducting technique from the singers’ perspective and give us tools to use that stimulate supported, free and expressive singing.

Instrumental Session Presenters

 Instrumental Sessions

Monday - Jeff King
Tuesday - Margaret Brown
Wednesday - Brian Balmages
 Thursday - Joe Muñoz

Developing Rehearsal Techniques Through Active Listening

Spiraling into Mastery
Planning Every Rehearsal for Maximum Effect – If It Isn’t Written Down, It Won’t Happen

One of the biggest struggles teachers have is developing an efficient rehearsal technique that is both productive and positive. What we do in the rehearsal every day should be the main focus of what we do as directors.We will look at scores and identify potential problems (in a hierarchy order), before the rehearsal begins. Listening to recordings of live performances, we will assess the main issues to be addressed and finally, comparing our comments with nationally recognized directors.

Using a classroom/rehearsal approach, various methods of instruction can work together for stronger results in your ensemble. Discover how incorporating spiraling into your curriculum enhances mastery and student accomplishments.
  Rehearsals that produce maximum efficiency and productivity come from thoughtful, effective planning. This session will focus on using the tools available to help directors develop a method for producing written rehearsal plans to help their students, programs and themselves stay on track for continued growth.

Music Learning Theory Presenters