Summer Marching Band Camp

UTA Summer Marching Band Camp

The drum major, leadership, and colorguard camps will be held June 18 - June 22, 2023

2023 Commuter Price $275

2022 Resident Price $435

For Drum Majors, Leadership and Colorguard
This 5-day camp is designed to strengthen the abilities of beginner, intermediate, and advanced students, while providing a variety of experiences in fundamentals, leadership, and performance. For students going into grades 9-12 in Fall 2022. Colorguard students in middle school will also be accepted.

Leadership Camp is designed to teach students to be effective squad leaders, drill instructors, section leaders, or band and colorguard officers. Students will focus on how to effectively lead their peers and learn problem-solving skills that will help them as they serve their band program.

Drum Major Camp studies include conducting, marching, teaching fundamentals, drill and music, problem solving and leadership. Drum Majors are taught by band directors and former drum majors at the high school, collegiate, and DCI levels. With a focus on conducting and leadership, we focus on the skills that will most likely impact their effectiveness as a leader in their program. Drum major campers will also attend leadership sessions.

Colorguard Camp provides instruction in flag, rifle, or sabre as well as training in dance and movement at all skill levels. We offer beginner flag all the way to advanced weapon skills. Additionally, we are happy to offer leadership sessions in conjunction with the drum major and leadership camps to help your captains continue honing their skills while still gaining valuable leadership training.

The UTA Summer Music Camps strive to provide each student an opportunity to work with and learn from the highest quality instructional staff from around the nation. It is our desire that each student return to their own group having grown musically and personally while at the same time enjoying all the fun and excitement of summer camp life. The "group think" nature of our camp exposes students to a diversity of ideas from other schools. It is our hope that we can all learn from each other and return to our schools better equipped to have our best season possible.

Registration Information

All registration takes place online through the CircuiTree platform. This is a new system this year, so if you encounter any issues please let us know and we will work with you to help troubleshoot. All camps at UTA are using this platform, so you will have the option to select the appropriate camp after you begin the login process.

We will accept both personal, school checks or credit/debit card. If you are sending a check, please leave the credit card payment information blank. Personal checks must be received by June 1. Students are not guaranteed a spot at camp until payment is received.

There are no refunds after June 1 unless there are extreme, extenuating circumstances.