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Pre-Health Advising & Services


The Health Professions Office offers resources for students interested in graduate level health professional programs such as medical, dental, pharmacy, physician assistant, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and veterinary programs. Students interested in nursing or public health are advised by the College of Nursing. The Health Professions Advisor is the primary advisor for pre-health post baccalaurate non-degree seeking students. A Degree seeking students' primary advisor is their major advisor. Pre-Health is not a major.

  • Health Professions Advisor: Sandy Hobart, Life Science Building 107A
    • Pre-Health Advising, Mock Interviews, Application/Essay Process & Feedback, HPAC Info
  • Pre-Med Consultant: Dr. Steven Gellman, MD, MFA, FAAFP, Life Science Building 107G
    • Discussions about the medical career, Mock Interviews, Essay Feedback
  • JAMP Faculty Director: Dr. Greg Hale, PhD, Life Science Building 105 
    • Please visit the JAMP Page for more information regarding this program and to book an appointment with Dr. Hale.
  • Peer Mentors: Johny Morkos & Diana Sierra
    • General advice from a pre-health upperclassman



***Please read each description carefully and select the most applicable service. Students should read through the pages on this website, including the FAQ, prior to the appointment. ***

~Pre-Health Advising for Current Students - This appointment is for current or incoming accepted students that have not completed a Bachelor's Degree seeking advising on admission requirements, process, and expectations for graduate health professional schools. Nursing students should seek advising from the College of Nursing. (Note: Only your MAJOR advisor can remove academic holds)


~Pre-Health Advising for Prospective Students - This appointment is for prospective students that are not current UTA students and have not completed a Bachelor's degree seeking advising on admission requirements, process, and expectations for graduate health professional schools. Nursing students should seek advising from the College of Nursing. For transfer credit information, visit UTA's Transfer Evaluation System Page.


~Pre-Health Advising for Post-Bacc Students - This appointment is for students that have completed a Bachelor's degree and are seeking advice on admission requirments, process, and expectations of grauate health professional schools. If you took courses at UTA or have been accepted to UTA, include your student ID number. Second Bacc students need to visit their major advisor to remove academic holds. Post-Bacc students should also visit our Post Bacc Applicant Page.


~Medical Career Discussions - This informal appointment with Dr. Gellman M.D. is to discuss medical training, career interests, and practice experiences. He is eager to share his experiences as a Board Certified practicing Family Physician for thirty years and discuss varied opportunities for you in the medical field. 


~Peer Mentoring - All pre-health students are encouraged to make an appointment with one of our senior pre-health students. They offer general advice on the stressful pre-health path and how to prepare for it since they have been through it!


~Feedback on Essays, Personal Statements, and Application Components - This appointment is for students that are applying to a professional school or special program within the year and would like feedback on application components and/or personal statements & essays. ***For personal statement or essay feedback, depending on who you are meeting with, email your document to or at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. During HPAC Applications, appointments will only be available with Dr. Gellman.


~Mock Interview Session -This appointment is for students wanting to practice interviewing for their professional school, JAMP or HPAC Interview. You can scheduled your appointment with Ms. Hobart or Dr. Gellman. During HPAC Applications, interviews can only be booked with Dr. Gellman. You can also utilize UTA's Career Center for additional practice including access to a Pre-Health Interview Stream:

Students can access these questions by registering an account on interview stream
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