John Proctor is the Villain

October 27th & 28th, November 11th
John Proctor is the Villain Production Poster

John Proctor is the Villain

By Kimberly Belflower

Directed by Felicia Bertch and John-Michael Marrs

In present day Appalachian Georgia, a high school class explores the seminal American Classic, The Crucible. As scandal swirls in their community and old heroes are unmasked, the English assignment become uncomfortably relevant to the students. The line between witch and heroine blurs in this post-Me-Too examination of power, love, and sex education.

Our production of John Proctor is the Villain deals frankly with issues related to sexual assault, sexual exploitation, grooming, non-sexual violence, mental health, abusive relationship dynamics, mental health challenges, racially charged language, and other potentially activating topics. We do not recommend this performance for patrons under 13 years of age.

All Admission - $5

Contains adult subject matter. This production is a staged reading.

October 27th & 28th - Fine Arts Central Rm 258

November 11th - Studio 137


  1. October 27th 7:30 PM Fine Arts Building Central 258
  2. October 28th 7:30 PM Fine Arts Building Central 258
  3. November 11th 2:00 PM Studio 137
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