In the Division of Student Success our values are caring for and empowering each of our students and taking ownership of issues they encounter while pursuing their goals at UTA. We recognize that parents and other influential friends and family are also stakeholders in our students’ success and we hope the information below is useful.

Course Assistance Resources

If your student wants or needs some help in their courses at UTA, they will find it through our Academic Success Center.  All of our services are free of charge to your student, so feel free to encourage them to talk with us.

Career Development Resources

The Lockheed Martin Career Development Center is committed to supporting students from their first year and helping them make the transition from student to professional!

Student Employment Resources

 The University employs thousands of students in various capacities. We use Handshake as our application platform.  If your student is looking for on-campus employment, this is the best place to start.

Maverick Parent and Family Association

Maverick Parent & Family Association is the best way to stay informed, be connected, and support outreach efforts of the Parent & Family Center.  Join now to be a key participant in many family events across the campus, both in-person and virtual.

Dual Credit Program

UTA offers dual credit opportunities to students in public, charter and homeschools within the DFW area. Take advantage of earning college credit while attending classes on the UTA campus with other UTA students. You have the opportunity to be immersed into the college culture from day one.