Ph.D. Business Administration In Management Sciences

Management Sciences Major Field of Study: Overview

The doctoral program in Management Sciences develops scholars in research areas including, but not limited to, behavioral operations, decision science/business statistics, operations management, and supply chain management. Students will be trained both in critical thinking skills to come up with research questions, and also in technical skills to implement research plans. In this area, the relevant technical skills include applied game theory, economics/statistical analysis, experimental economics, stochastic modeling, and operations research style optimization.

Management Sciences Major Core Course Requirements

The study of Management Science focuses on activities necessary to produce and deliver products and services. Of particular importance are decision-making tools, techniques, and concepts that allow operations managers to make better decisions. Topics include behavioral operations, inventory management, healthcare operations, quality control, capacity planning, production planning and control, logistics, supply chain contracting and management.

Six courses (18 hours) to be selected from the following core courses, plus two electives:

  • Introduction to Management Sciences (OPMA 5321)
  • Operations Planning and Control (OPMA 5363)
  • Project Management (OPMA 5364)
  • Quality Management (OPMA 5367)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (OPMA 5368)
  • Logistics Management (OPMA 5369)
  • Seminar in Operations Management (OPMA 6370)
  • Integrated Operations Strategy and Research (OPMA 6371)
  • Research in Operations Management (OPMA 6380)

Four courses (12 hours) in research methods are required. Some typical courses include:

  • Experimental Design
  • Regression
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Structural Equation Modeling


Dr. Kay-Yut Chen

Operations Management and Management Science

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