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Institute of Urban Studies


Institute of Urban Studies

The Institute of Urban Studies engages in research and practice toward improving the places we live in. Therefore, we invite, investigate, inform and implement.

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The Institute of Urban Studies actively collaborates with our surrounding community to identify and resolve practical, real-world problems by offering the substantial experience and expertise of the university's multidisciplinary students, faculty, and staff. Our work involves community groups, nonprofit organizations, private sector representatives and public agencies.


Research is always integral to our goals. We emphasize interdisciplinary, collaborative, and action-oriented research and analysis that addresses issues, rather than just basic analysis. The Institute of Urban Studies serves the public by gathering statewide data on urban demographics, growth, equity, air and water quality, etc. It also provides an open data source.


Through journal and magazine articles, conference presentations, press releases, panel discussions, reports, books, websites, videos, and TV/radio programs, we raise public awareness and drive informed action toward improving the health and vitality of our cities, towns, and communities.


The Institute of Urban Studies gives students in our urban-related programs, the opportunity to integrate theory and practice to solve real metropolitan issues such as managing growth, achieving equity and environmental sustainability, revitalizing districts, and implementing green infrastructure. Students, staff, and faculty carry out research and practical projects through careful planning, innovative technology, coordinated leadership, and communication with external clients.