2018-2019 College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP Top 100The CLEP Subject Examinations are designed to assess achievement in specific college subjects. Each test contains various kinds of multiple-choice questions and allows 90 minutes to complete the items. For credit by examination in any English course, UT Arlington requires the optional CLEP Essay. Students who wish to have test scores evaluated for credit by examination in English must have their objective scores and essays sent to Testing Services (school code 6013). Testing Services will evaluate the objective scores and send eligible students' essays to English Department faculty for scoring. Additional requirements for eligibility are listed below. There is a three-month waiting period to repeat any CLEP examination.

CLEP Subject Examinations may be taken at any national testing center. Score reports are sent to your designated test center within one week after the test date. Other test centers, detailed descriptions of CLEP examinations, sample questions and suggested resources for preparation are available on The College Board web site at https://clep.collegeboard.org/. UTA is an open CLEP test center administering CLEP exams to students and others in the DFW community.  Examinees can only receive course credit at UT Arlington if they are an actively enrolled student and have completed a semester of course credit.  

UTA Students please note the following Credit-by-Examination Policy:
"Credit by examination can be awarded only for courses in which the student has neither a passing nor a failing grade (including a Z in English) at UTA or transfer credit from another institution of higher education." Read the complete list of credit-by-exam policies for UTA.

" The Office of Records will complete petitioned CLEP scores that are processed via the Testing Center once the student has an established UTA GPA. No longer will scores be posted after census day of the current term of enrollment." Students that have questions about CLEP score posting should contact the Testing Center.

Practice Prep Test

Visit Test Resource or the College Board

CLEP Optional Essay

  • UTA requires the optional essay for the College Composition - Modular, American Literature and English Literature CLEP tests for credit.
  • After the multiple choice test is complete and a passing score is met, then an additional $25 payable to UTA will be required before administration of the Optional Essay.

Modern Language Information

  • Up to 14 hours credit (1441, 1442, 2313, and 2314) may be granted for each exam, depending on your score.
  • The Spanish CLEP exam includes a supplemental test of grammar, spelling and punctuation for UTA students only. There is no essay involved in the Spanish CLEP required by UTA. 
  • The supplemental test may only be taken a total of two times, once when taken with the CLEP and one retake if needed. There is no study guide for the supplemental test.
  • If you have already taken the CLEP Spanish Language exam, you do not need to take it again. Send your official scores to UTA and register to take the ASE Spanish Supplemental.
Subject Examinations1 (Computer) Satisfactory Scores and Course Credit 2018-2019
Financial Accounting 55 ACCT 2301
General Biology 51 BIOL 1333 & 1334 or BIOL 1441
General Chemistry 50 CHEM 1345
60 CHEM 1441
70 CHEM 1441 & 1442 or CHEM 1465
Principles of Macroeconomics 54 ECON 2305
Principles of Microeconomics 54 ECON 2306
College Composition –
Modular Essay
ENGL 1301
English Literature
plus Essay
ENGL 2319
American Literature
plus Essay
ENGL 2329
French Language(Levels 1 & 2)b 47-48 FREN 1441
49-56 FREN 1441,1442
57-67 FREN 1441, 1442, 2313
68-80 FREN 1441, 1442, 2313, 2314
College German(Levels 1 & 2)b  32-36 GERM 1441
37-51 GERM 1441, 1442
52-70 GERM 1441, 1442, 2313
71-80 GERM 1441, 1442, 2313, 2314
American Government 60 POLS 2311
History of United States I 50 HIST 1301
History of United States II 50 HIST 1302
Western Civilization I 50 HIST 2301
Western Civilization II 50 HIST 2302
Principles of Management 60 MANA 3319
Principles of Marketing 63 MARK 3321
Calculus 60 MATH 1426
College Algebra 50 MATH 1302
Pre-Calculus 60 MATH 1421
Introductory Psychology 55 PSYC 1315
Introductory Sociology 50 SOCI 1311

Spanish Language (Levels 1 & 2)b

*Non-Essay version

50-52c SPAN 1441
53-63c SPAN 1441, 1442
64-80c SPAN 1441, 1442, 2313
(Seec) SPAN 1441, 1442, 2313, 2314

1 All CLEP Subject Examinations may be taken at any national CLEP test center, including UTA. Send scores to UTA (6013). There is a three-month waiting period for retaking any CLEP Subject Examination. A second score with a test date less than three months from the test date of the first score will not be evaluated.

2 A score of 55 on English CLEP exams establishes eligibility to have the optional English essay scored. The optional essay must be sent to Testing Services, to be scored by English Department faculty. A satisfactory score on both the objective and optional essay tests is required to be eligible for credit.

3 Credit with letter grades is available for test scores with test dates on June 1, 1991, and later. Letter grades are assigned on the basis of specific test scores. Test scores from retake examinations may be evaluated for additional credit or credit with a letter grade but cannot be used to replace a letter grade earned from a previous test score.

4 Additional credit is possible when an examinee has a satisfactory score on the Spanish Department's supplemental examination. The supplemental examination is administered after the Spanish CLEP exam at UTA. Contact Testing Services for details. UTA students will need to know their NetID and password to access the supplemental exam.


Please review the general Policies and Procedures page for more information.

CLEP Registration - two step process

1. You can register for here UTA Testing Services Scheduling site.

Fees: $30 non-refundable administration fee payable to UTA; and $89* testing fee to CLEP (see below). Additional $30 fee payable to UTA on the day of the test if taking an essay exam. (*CLEP ticket fee subject to change).

2. After you schedule a appointment, go to https://clep.collegeboard.org/started to purchase your CLEP test and any study materials. The CLEP fee is non-refundable. You will need to have your test ticket number for your test appointment. 

For veterans: If you are an eligible veteran, you can receive full reimbursement for CLEP exam and administration fees from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. For more information, visit www.gibill.va.gov/pamphlets/testing.htm. For more information about CLEP and the benefits available to veterans, visit www.collegeboard.com/clepveterans.

After the Test

  • CLEP exams are accepted by most colleges and universities, check with your college for acceptance.
  • CLEP credits will be posted to a student's official record after the Census Date of their first semester.
  • UTA students that want to claim credit for Spanish, French or German CLEP exams must go to the Testing Services office in University Hall room 004 to complete a petition. Students will not be able to claim your credit on My Mav. 
  • All other CLEP credit can be claimed online within 4-5 business days via MyMav>UTA Customizations>Petition for Credit after a successful completion of the CLEP exam and meeting the credit-by-exam policy requirements.

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The mission of the University of Texas at Arlington Testing Services is to provide departmental, institutional, and national testing opportunities to students and non-students in an atmosphere which enables examinees to perform to the best of their abilities. We are certified members of the National College Testing Association (NCTA), and subscribe to the NCTA’s Professional Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers.  We are fully committed to the preservation of academic integrity in the administration of all tests and to the support of academic success for all examinees.



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