Spanish Supplemental Examination


The Spanish Supplemental Exam was created by the Department of Modern Languages to ensure that students have a solid understanding of grammar in addition to the basics tested through the College Spanish exam for the CLEP program. The Spanish Supplemental is a multiple-choice exam that covers the fourth level of Spanish grammar and spelling. If you are registered to take a CLEP Spanish test at UTA you are automatically given the Supplemental Exam and should not register for it separately.

If you passed the CLEP Spanish test but did not pass the Supplemental, and would like to re-test then you can sign up for the ASE Spanish Supplemental after three (3) months.

If you took the CLEP Spanish test at another test site and did not claim the credit at another institution (it is not transferring to UTA), then contact CLEP to have your scores sent to UTA (CB code 6013) and sign up to take the ASE Spanish Supplemental.

The exam is computer based and will be delivered via Canvas. You must be an actively enrolled student and know your login credentials to Canvas in order to access the exam.


A study guide is not available for purchase but you may reference a SPAN 2314 syllabus on UTA's home page.