Science & Engineering Innovation & Research Building

The state-of-the-art teaching and research space advances health-science discoveries and society's understanding of today's most pressing health issues.
An exterior shot of the SEIR building at sunrise.

Advancing Health and the Human Condition

The Science & Engineering Innovation & Research (SEIR) building promotes an interdisciplinary approach to research built around engineering, science, nursing, kinesiology, and public health.

Research Areas

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SEIR Building
The University of Texas at Arlington
655 W Mitchell St.
Arlington, TX 76010

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Research Neighborhoods

SEIR is divided into research neighborhoods, which brings together teams from a wide range of disciplines to work in close proximity, allowing for a more free exchange of ideas.

SEIR Highlights

  1. Glass interior walls enable work in the collaborative lab spaces to be visible to students and visitors — a concept called "science on display."
  2. Advanced laboratories and equipment allow researchers to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and spark the next wave of innovations.
  3. Training the next generation of professionals starts in the classroom. SEIR classrooms ensure students have the tools they need to succeed.