Firm Night

Firm Night 2024

Firm Night 2024 | Friday, February 16th, 6:00 PM | UC Bluebonnet Ballroom

If you are an accounting major, you simply MUST attend this event!Finance, Information Systems, and Business Analytics majors are also strongly encouraged to attend.

Firms would like to meet with Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students:
It is NOT too early and it is definitely NOT too late for you to start talking with firms.
Invest in your future now and start building the bridge from college to career.


Firms Attending

     Majors Considered

    # Firms

     ACCT - Accounting


     BSAN - Business Analytics


     FINA - Finance


     INSY - Information Systems


     ALL - All Business Majors


     International Students Considered

    # Firms

     Yes - Visa and CPT/OPT


     Yes - CPT/OPT Only


     Maybe - for Exceptional Canidate



Firm Night Student Registration

Registration is required to attend the event. Let us know your coming! We'll prepare a name badge for you and send you the firm directory, and other key information to prepare for the event. You can make changes to the registration form later (for example, to add your resume).

Firm Night Boot Camp: Friday, February 2rd 5:30 pm - 7:45 pm

Join us to get prepared for Firm Night. We'll walk you through everything you need to know to show up to the main event confident and ready to impress those employers! Pizza and beverages will be served.
Do not miss it! Attendance is required to attend the event on 2/16.

Can't attend Boot Camp? Note this on your registration form and we will contact you to ensure you are prepared for the event.

Have any Questions?

Contact - Terra McGhee, Internship Coordinator & Senior Lecturer Accounting, College of Business


Uh-Oh! Scheduling Conflict?

Pesky Math and Accounting exams on 2/16? We've got you covered!

ACCT 2301 students can attend the event after completing their exams. Nothing like suiting up to boost your confidence during the exam.

Math students with departmental exams can request an alternate exam date (coordinated through the ACCT and MATH departments) when they register for the event (on the registration form).