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Transfers and Missing Credits

Transferring Coursework

As an online student, you are permitted to complete general courses at other institutions and have the courses transferred to UTA. Make sure to read about our Equivalency Charts, below.

You are not permitted to take nursing courses outside of UTA. However, if you have previously taken a junior or senior level nursing course that you believe is equivalent to one of UTA’s courses you must obtain a syllabus for the course and submit it to your Academic Advisor. Your Academic Advisor will then submit the syllabus to the Assistant Dean for review. Note: Only junior or senior level courses are eligible for review. Freshman or sophomore (associates level) courses will not transfer as equivalent to any of UTA’s nursing courses.

Equivalency Charts

If you have taken, or are interested in taking, general education courses at another Texas institution, please click or tap here to access our course equivalency charts library for assistance in acceptable course substitutions. If your college is not included on our list of equivalency charts, email your Academic Advisor to get your courses pre-approved before you enroll. In the email include:

  • Your Ten Digit UTA Student ID Number
  • The college you will be taking the course
  • The course name and number
  • The course description from the catalog

After you have completed your course you must send official transcripts to the Office of Admissions: follow the directions on the Registrar's website for submitting transcripts.


Missing Credit Policy

After you have reviewed your degree plan, if you believe you were not granted credit for a course you have previously completed send your academic advisor an email with the following information:

  • Your Ten Digit UTA Student ID Number
  • The university/college where credit was earned
  • The semester credit earned
  • The course title
  • The course number
  • The course description of the course(s) in question from the university’s official course catalog
How to Find Transfer Coursework in MyMav

If you wish to verify whether the Office of Admissions has received and evaluated all official transcripts, or to view transfer credits used by your Advisor to create your individualized degree plan, you can look it up for yourself in MyMav:

  1. Click on the Main Menu
  2. Click on Campus Community
  3. Click on Student Services Center
  4. Find and click on the Academics Tab
  5. Transfer Credit: Report
  6. Generate the Report

If you need to contact the Registrar's office directly concerning transfer coursework, please look up their contact information on their website.

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