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Should I Drop My Class?

Deciding to not continue in a class and officially removing yourself from it, dropping, can be a serious decision that may have an impact on your academic progress, your financial aid, and your ability to drop future classes. Consider the following before dropping a class.

Exhaust Your Options

  • Your instructor is your first and best resource for your success in a course. Work with your instructor to see if there is a path to passing your class.
  • Your academic advisor is your best resource for guidance through your degree program. Work with your academic advisor if you have questions about how a drop may affect your progress.
  • The Office of Financial Aid is your only resource for questions concerning your Financial Aid. Work with Financial Aid to make sure you understand what your status will be if and after you drop a course.

Some Possible Effects of Dropping

  • Dropping a required class will affect your progress in your degree plan.
    • You may delay your eligibility for other classes depending on prerequisites.
    • Is the class offered only during fall or spring? Waiting for it to come up again may significantly delay your progress in your degree plan.
  • Dropping a class will change the number of hours you are enrolled in and this may change your eligibility for Financial Aid.
  • Many students are now subject to a six-drop limit for drops after Census Date. Dropping after your sixth drop after Census Date requires special permission from the University Administration and is not automatic.

The main reason to drop is to avoid a low or failing grade in a class in order to protect your overall GPA. If you have exhausted your options and you fully understand the consequences of your decision, including but not limited to the information shared above, then and only then should you consider dropping a course.