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AO Course Schedule Framework and Suggested Loads

Course Schedule Framework

Accelerated Online courses typically follow the structure outlined below. This outline, however, should be treated as a general framework: make sure you check the course schedule to see exactly when the courses you need are being offered and plan accordingly. Click or tap here to open the current AO General Schedule.

General AO Course Schedule Framework. Regular Term: 3 sequential 5wk slots + 2 sequential 8wk slots + 1 15wk slot. Summer Term: 2 sequential 5wk slots + 1 8wk slot.
Please note that ENGL 2338 is only offered as a 5 week session with the nursing courses
* MATH 1301 and MATH 1308 are also offered as 8 week sessions with the other general courses. Students have the option to take either course in an 8 or 15 week session.

Suggested Course Loads

Before creating your academic plan, take into consideration the following:

  • 1 credit hour typically equals 3 clock hours engaged with the class inside and outside of the formal classroom setting. This can include preparation, discussion time, lecture, and study. The shorter the course session (5 week / 8 week / 12 week / 15 week) the more clock hours you will need to commit per credit hour.
  • Take the "accelerated" aspect of "accelerated online" seriously. Accelerated classes in a five or eight week format cover the same content as their "traditional" 16 week counterparts. As we mentioned above, the shorter the session, the greater the expectation for involvement and engagement outside of the formal classroom setting.
  • When selecting courses, keep in mind your own strengths and weaknesses. If, for example, you need to spend extra time on English or Math, don't schedule all of your English or Math courses together: pace them out so you're not overwhelmed.
  • Allow extra time for courses with labs.
  • Factor in your time with family, time working, time for personal health (sleep/exercise/relaxation), and any other obligations you might have. Being realistic is important for your success.

Possible Course Schedule Combinations

As you look at the examples below, keep in mind that full-time enrollment for undergraduates is 12-15 credit hours during a term. Some classes may be more than three hours (especially if there is a lab or clinical component), and you may take a few that are less. Adjust your load accordingly as you plan.

Suggested Course Loads Graphic One of Two
Suggested Course Loads Graphic Two of Two