Graduate Certificate in Real-Time Systems

Information about the credit-bearing, degree-leading graduate certificate in real-time systems through UTA's Computer Science and Engineering Department

Our credit-bearing, degree-leading Real-time Systems Certificate is intended to educate students in the knowledge and skills required to

  • Design and implement a real-time operating system on a bare-metal target
  • Implement multi-threaded programming on bare-metal, real-time operating systems, and embedded Linux systems
  • Use industry-standard HDL tools
  • Use bridges to interconnect FPGA fabric and processor subsystems
  • Design control systems with electromechanical actuators and sensors using embedded microcontrollers, FPGAs, and system-on-chip solutions

All completed certificate coursework can be applied towards an MS or PhD degree.

This certificate is managed by:

  • Dr. Jason Losh, administrator, Professor of Practice, Director of Undergraduate Computer Engineering Program
  • Dr. Bahram Khalili, advisor, Associate Professor of Instruction and Graduate Advisor

Admission Requirements

Our Real-time Systems certificate program is open to current UTA graduate students or to persons not currently enrolled at UTA who hold at least a BS degree or equivalent. Current UTA students should contact us at to sign up for the certificate program. Individuals not currently enrolled at UTA can apply for the certificate via ApplyTexas. This is a degree leading certificate.

The program consists of four graduate-level classes. Additionally, a prerequisite course, CSE 5400 – Fundamentals of Computer Engineering, may be needed if the admissions committee determines that the applicant’s bachelor’s degree did not include a course in Embedded Systems using the same architecture and device currently used in the Computer Engineering undergraduate program. Acceptance is based on but not limited to the applicant having a degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or requisite background knowledge through active employment in Computer Engineering-related fields.

Course Requirements

The course requirements for the Real-Time Systems certificate are:

  • CSE 5342 – Embedded Systems II
  • CSE 5354 – Real-time Operating System Design
  • CSE 5355 – Electromechanical Systems and Sensors
  • CSE 5356 – System on Chip Design

An Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering course (CSE 6351) co-listed with any of the above courses is also acceptable for credit, provided there is not duplication in course content. A grade of C or better and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher is required in all courses counted towards the completion of the certificate. Students enrolled in the certificate program will take courses with students studying for master’s and/or PhD programs in the CSE Department.

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