Graduate Certificate in Unmanned Vehicle Systems

Information about the credit-bearing, degree-leading graduate certificate in Unmanned Vehicle Systems offered through UTA's Computer Science and Engineering Department

Our credit-bearing, degree-leading Unmanned Vehicle Systems Certificate is intended to give those who successfully complete it:

  • the knowledge and skills required for the design, development, and operation of UVS including UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), UGS (Unmanned Ground Systems) and UMS (Unmanned Maritime Systems)
  • an ability to understand the common aspects of UVS including sensors, actuators, communications, powering, and more importantly decisionā€making capabilities (autonomy), while also covering development of domainā€specific mobile platforms such as airplane, rotorcraft, and Ackerman steering car and boat
  • an ability to provide the UVS industry with a knowledgeable, locally available workforce and developing career opportunities for its participants

The certificate is managed by:

  • Dr. Manfred Huber, Professor, advising, instruction
  • Dr. Vassilis Athitsos, Professor, CSE, advising, instruction
  • Dr. Farhad Kamangar, Professor, CSE, advising, instruction
  • Dr. Bahram Khalili, PhD, Associate Professor of Instruction and Graduate Advisor, CSE, advising

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