Graduate Certificate in Unmanned Vehicle Systems

Information about the credit-bearing, degree-leading graduate certificate in Unmanned Vehicle Systems offered through UTA's Computer Science and Engineering Department

Our credit-bearing, degree-leading Unmanned Vehicle Systems Certificate is intended to give those who successfully complete it:

  • the knowledge and skills required for the design, development, and operation of UVS including UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), UGS (Unmanned Ground Systems) and UMS (Unmanned Maritime Systems)
  • an ability to understand the common aspects of UVS including sensors, actuators, communications, powering, and more importantly decision‐making capabilities (autonomy), while also covering development of domain‐specific mobile platforms such as airplane, rotorcraft, and Ackerman steering car and boat
  • an ability to provide the UVS industry with a knowledgeable, locally available workforce and developing career opportunities for its participants

The certificate is managed by:

  • Dr. Manfred Huber, Professor, advising, instruction
  • Dr. Vassilis Athitsos, Professor, CSE, advising, instruction
  • Dr. Farhad Kamangar, Professor, CSE, advising, instruction
  • Dr. Bahram Khalili, PhD, Associate Professor of Instruction and Graduate Advisor, CSE, advising

Admission Requirements

CSE certificate students are required to have an undergraduate preparation equivalent to a baccalaureate degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or in a technical field relevant to the CSE curriculum. Students without a proper academic background, as determined by the graduate advisor at the time of the admission review, will be required to complete the CSE 5300 Foundation of Computing course and earn a passing grade in addition to the four required graduate courses.

Individuals interested in the certificate program can apply for admission using the UTA application for admission via ApplyTexas. Should a certificate student wish to continue on to an MS or PhD degree program in the CSE department, the certificate courses may be used toward that advanced degree. Note that for admission to the MS degree program, all UTA and CSE graduate degree admission requirements, including GRE and GPA, would need to be met.

Course Requirements

The course requirements for the Unmanned Vehicle Systems Certificate will be:

  • CSE 5300 - Foundation of Computing (**Required only if insufficient CSE background)
  • CSE 5360 – Artificial Intelligence I
  • CSE 5364 – Robotics
  • CSE 5383 – Introduction to Unmanned Vehicle Systems
  • CSE 5384 – Unmanned Vehicle System Development

A grade of C or better and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher is required in all courses counted towards the completion of the certificate. The certificate program consists of 4-5 existing courses. Students enrolled in the certificate program will take courses with students studying for master’s and/or PhD programs in the CSE Department.

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