Graduate Certificate in Industrial Applications

The Industrial Engineering Graduate Certificates are designed to allow students to develop their skills in key application areas. Certificates are available in Industrial Applications, Decision Analytics, and Logistics. Students enrolled in a certificate program may also apply to the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program at the same time. Courses completed as part of an Industrial Engineering Graduate Certificate will also satisfy requirements for the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program.

    • IE 5317 Introduction to Statistics
    • IE 5303 Quality Systems
    • IE 5321 Enterprise Analysis and Design
    • IE 5322 Simulation and Optimization
    • IE 5329 Production and Inventory Control
    • IE 5330 Automation and Advanced Manufacturing
    • IE 5338 Human Engineering
    • IE 5342 Metrics and Measurements
    • IE 6302 Facilities Planning and Design
    • Select one elective graduate from engineering or science

Admissions Criteria

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