Multi-modal Imaging and Neuromodulation Laboratory

The Multi-modal Modulation and Imaging Lab collaborates with researchers and clinicians from UT Southwestern Medical Center, UNT Health Science Center and UT Austin, to develop a strong research program at UTA. Current research projects include:

  • Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS): Dr. Liu utilized NIRS for functional human brain imaging. Her expertise includes new development of image reconstruction algorithms for improved spatial resolution, innovative image-processing to analyze NIRS signals induced by neurocognitive stimulations, and novel exploration of NIRS for disease-oriented clinically-relevant applications.
  • Transcranial infrared laser stimulation (TILS): Dr. Liu’s group has recently developed methodology and imaging means to “see” how the human brain reacts to the laser light delivered non-invasively on the subject’s forehead. Using multiple-channel, broadband NIRS, her team helps researchers better understand how the infrared laser stimulates metabolic and hemodynamic activities of the human brain, leading to enhancement of human cognition.
  • Non-invasive functional brain imaging: Dr. Liu’s team recently developed dual-mode, cutting-edge medical imaging technology to measure neuro-modulation-induced changes in human brain networks and brain waves. Such neuro-stimulations can potentially enhance or repair declining brain circuitry. In addition, the team is able to map and investigate the neuro-vascular coupling between electrophysiological signals and blood oxygenation signals by using wavelet coherence analysis, so as to comprehend the neuro-physiological reasoning of transcranial infrared laser stimulation
  • Near infrared spectroscopy/imaging for cancer detection: Dr. Liu has developed minimally invasive approaches to detect positive surgical margins to guide prostatectomy and to diagnose high-grade prostate cancer based on optical properties of tissue measured by ultrasound-coupled transrectal optical probe.

Recent graduates of the lab work at institutions such as Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, and UT Southwestern Medical Center. Some former students work at medical device companies, such as Intel and Masimo.


Hanli Liu, Ph.D., Director