Urban Water Institute

Urban Water Institute

Located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the Urban Water Institute is working to transform water-related challenges into opportunities for North Texas. Its vision is to develop innovative triple-bottom-line sustainable solutions that encompass the economy, people and environment. Its goals are to:

  • bring together interdisciplinary educators, researchers, agencies, industries and regulators
  • innovate and educate in multidisciplinary strategies and sustainable solutions for water and energy
  • help build public-private partnerships

Water and North Texas

The population of North Texas was 6.6 million in 2010, and is projected to grow to 13 million by 2060. North Texas is home of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The economic development and population growth of North Texas is challenged by the scarcity of water. While the population will double, the existing water supply -- surface water, groundwater and reuse water -- is predicted to decrease by 10%. There will not be enough water; water will have to be conserved and additional water resources need to be found.

Urban Water Demand

Among the strategies to meet future water demands of urban populations, North Texas will import water from distant areas using pipelines. The expansion of urban watershed will cause profound changes not only in the way water is managed and used but also in the regional economy, industry, jobs, politics, municipalities and the environment.

Strategic Partnerships

The Institute builds upon multidisciplinary strategic partnerships between public and private sectors to innovate robust solutions in water and energy that North Texas needs to realize continued economic development, support population growth and sustain the environment.

Solving the challenges associated with urban water issues requires collaboration among service providers, contractors, regulators, manufacturers, industry organizations, local governments, consulting engineers and universities. The Urban Water Institute has for objective to bring these stakeholders together. The Institute provides insights, conducts research, disseminates research findings, facilitates cooperation and development, and offers educational opportunities for current and future professionals. The Institute calls upon expertise cutting across disciplines, and helps build partnerships between the public and private sectors for addressing water challenges and opportunities.