Notice of Limited Housing Availability & Alternate Housing Accommodations - Residence Halls

May 15, 2023


UT Arlington is experiencing record high enrollment growth and unprecedented demand for on campus housing. 

As of today, nearly all available residence hall beds have been assigned for Fall 2023. However, we expect additional beds will become available for assignment over the summer as some students cancel their contracts before the fall semester starts. We will continue to look to our list of unassigned applicants to fill any beds that become available. Nonetheless, it is clear we will not be able to accommodate everyone who wants a space.

Given the significant demand for on-campus housing, unassigned residence hall applicants are encouraged to consider the following alternate housing options.

  • Remain on the residence hall assignment list in hope of being offered an “Overflow Housing” assignment resulting from a future contract cancellation during the summer. This option is for students seeking to move into a residence hall space between Thursday, August 17, 2023 and Sunday, August 20, 2023 (prior to the start of fall classes). Because space is limited, and many more students are on the assignment list than anticipated contract cancellations, assignment is not guaranteed. For more information, visit Overflow Housing.

  • Request an available bed on “No Show Day” which is the first day of classes for the semester. This may be a good option for applicants who live within commuting distance and who may delay residence hall move in until after the first day of fall classes. “No Show” beds represent last-minute vacancies which occur because a student fails to move-in as required. Because space is limited, assignment is not guaranteed. For more information, visit No Show Housing.

Unassigned residence hall applicants may also want to consider these alternate accommodations.

  • Cancel your residence hall application and apply for Centennial Court. Centennial Court Apartments are privately-owned and managed on the UTA campus. Bed spaces are currently available on a first-come, first-served basis, and you should consider applying without delay to guarantee your on-campus accommodation prior to the fall semester. For more information, visit Centennial Court.

  • Cancel your residence hall application and apply for a privately-owned student apartment community located close to campus. A wide range of apartment properties are located close to campus. Many were recently constructed, intentionally designed as student housing communities, and are on the campus shuttle route. Limited bed spaces are currently available and vary by property. Additional information on these options is available at Shorthorn Housing.

  • For additional apartment listings visit Apartments in Arlington TX

  • For apartment locator services visit Apartment Locator Services in Arlington TX

  • For assistance finding a roommate visit Roommates in Arlington TX

Again, we will continue to look to our list of unassigned applicants to fill any empty beds that are currently available or become available because of contract cancellations. If you are no longer interested in campus housing and wish to cancel your application, please visit the housing portal. If you have further questions, please feel free to call us at 817-272-2791 or email us at


Your understanding is appreciated.


Warm regards,



University Housing Leasing Staff

The University of Texas at Arlington