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Engineering Online supports the College of Engineering with the administration of Distance Education courses.

Engineering Online Support

Testing and Test Proctoring

Guaranteeing that the students enrolled in an online class take their tests in a properly controlled environment presents a major challenge. To ensure that the student enrolled is actually the individual taking the test, and that the instructions established by the faculty member are followed, please see the Exam Policies and Procedures

At the beginning of each semester Distance Students are expected to identify the registered Testing Center or other approved facility where they will take their tests, and then to notify us of that information. This information should be submitted using the Exam Proctor Registration Form.

At test time the faculty member should prepare a copy of the Exam Instructions form and send it with a list of all students taking Online tests to This should be done at least 24 prior to the exam window. It will be distributed to the test centers, and then returned to you after the tests are returned.

The Exam Instructions document defines what materials the student may have access to while taking a test so that the Testing Center can ensure that the student only uses sources/documents intended by the prof.

The Engineering Online Support office (817) 272-2352 is available to manage testing administration, including communication with Testing Centers. They will provide the necessary services to keep tests secure from the time that they leave the professor until the completed tests are returned to the prof.

One challenge for Engineering students is that most tests are not multiple-choice. As a result we are limited in some of the online test taking tools available. But new proctoring tools are coming online regularly. When we identify a new tool that improves our ability administer tests to distance students, we’ll post that information.

The Center for Distance Education

The tools for Online learning are provided by the Center for Distance Education

The most important resource for teaching is Blackboard. Blackboard is in the category of tools called Learning Management Systems. As such it provides the services needed to support both in-class and online students.

For a quick idea of what Blackboard can do for you take a look. Then contact the Center for Distance Education to learn more about the tool’s capabilities and how to put it talents to work for your classes.

Classroom Technology Support

The Classroom Support group in the Center for Distance Education is on-call for any issues you have with classroom teaching facilities. This includes the AV system, document camera, ECHO360 recordings, etc.

For emergency assistance, call 817-272-1449.

By email they can be reached at

Teaching Online

Online students have different needs and expectations than your in-class students. When an on-campus student comes to you with a question, you answer it immediately. A distance student expects a closely related service. Surveys show that an online student would like an answer within six hours, but definitely should be answered within 24 hours.