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How It Works

Become a Student and Enroll in Class

After admission to the graduate school Engineering Online students will register for class, choosing the online sections of their courses.  Students will make arrangements through the Engineering Online office for exams and other work required by the instructor. Exams may require students to attend a proctored exam session in their local area. Students will be given a URL to access the recordings of their classes.

Online Class Using ECHO360

ECHO360 Screenshot Echo360 provides a rich media presentation of the classroom.  Instructors simultaneously record the classroom audio, content from the classroom projector, and video of the the instructor.  Engineering Online students are able to view the lecture in any modern web browser.  They can pause, fast-forward, rewind, restart, or stop and watch later.

Class recordings are available during the term, so all class sessions can be reviewed at any time.  When the student prepares for a final exam, all class lectures are available for study and review.  The image above is a screenshot of a classroom recording using the ECHO360 system.