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Functional Applied Biomaterials Lab

The Functional Applied Biomaterials Lab develops various biomaterials to solve relevant clinical problems. Our main areas of interest are:

  • Biodegradable elastic polymers and functional/smart biomaterials development
  • Stem cell engineering
  • Tissue repair and regeneration
  • Medical devices and drug delivery

Current Research

  • Functional elastic biomaterials for cardiovascular tissue repair and regeneration
  • 3D bio-printable biomaterials for tissue regeneration
  • Decellularized biologic matrix for tissue repair and protection


Yi Hong, Ph.D., Lab Director

Selected Publications

  • Sanjay Anand, Vidhi Desai, Nesreen Alsmadi, Aswini Kanneganti, Dianna Nguyen, Martin Tran, Lokesh Patil, Srikanth Vasudevan, Cancan Xu, Yi Hong, Jonathan Cheng, Edward W. Keefer, Mario Romero-Ortega. Asymmetric sensory-motor regeneration of transected peripheral nerves using molecular guidance cues. Scientific Reports, 2017, 7:14323.
  • Nikhil Pandey, Amirhossein Hakamivala, Cancan Xu, Prashant Hariharan, Boris Radionov, Zhong Huang, Jun Liao, Philippe Zimmern, Kytai Nguyen*, Yi Hong*. Biodegradable nanoparticles enhanced adhesiveness of mussel-like hydrogels at tissue interface. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2017, Accepted.
  • Taylor Dorsey, Alexander Grath, Cancan Xu, Yi Hong, Guohao Dai. Patterning Bioactive Proteins or Peptides on Hydrogel Using Photochemistry for Biological Applications. Journal of Visualized Experiments 2017, 127:e55873.
  • Yihui Huang, Jun Zhou, Amirhossein Hakamivala, Jinglei Wu, Yi Hong, Joseph Borrelli, Liping Tang. An optical probe for detecting chondrocyte apoptosis in response to mechanical injury. Scientific Reports 2017, 7: 10906.
  • Taylor Dorsey, Alexander Grath, Annling Wang, Cancan Xu, Yi Hong, Guohao Dai. Evaluation of photochemistry reaction kinetics to pattern bioactive proteins on hydrogels for biological applications. Bioactive Materials 2017, Online release.
  • Bingbing Cheng, Venugopal Bandi, Francis D'souza, Kytai T. Nguyen, Yi Hong, Liping Tang, Baohong Yuan. The mechanisms and biomedical applications of an NIR BODIPY-based switchable fluorescent probe. International Journal of Molecular Science, 2017, 18(2): 384.
  • Jayanth Kandukuri, Shuai Yu, Bingbing Cheng, Venugopal Bandi, Francis D'souza, Kytai T. Nguyen, Yi Hong, Baohong Yuan. A dual-modality system for both multi-color ultrasound-switchable fluorescence and ultrasound imaging. International Journal of Molecular Science, 2017, 18 (2): 323.
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