Industrial Engineering Master of Science Degree Program

Objective and Description

The graduate program in industrial engineering is designed to provide the student with fundamental knowledge in the various areas of industrial engineering and with the opportunity to emphasize in a particular area. A student pursuing a master's degree may specialize in any area of industrial engineering such as general industrial engineering, operations research and applied statistics, manufacturing systems, logistics, enterprise systems, enterprise management, and ergonomics.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering is a research-oriented program which consists of a thesis option, thesis-substitute option, and a non-thesis option. M.S. degree requirements are given under the catalog section entitled

Students with degrees in other engineering disciplines may qualify for graduate study in industrial engineering after the completion of prescribed deficiency courses. Entering graduate students who are not proficient in engineering economy, probability and statistics, operations research, or industrial engineering design and analysis may be required to take deficiency courses to provide an appropriate background for graduate study in industrial engineering. For applicants with no prior education in engineering, the same deficiency courses will apply. In addition, courses in mathematics, physics, computer science, and basic engineering may be required.

Each IE graduate student will be required to take six courses as part of an industrial engineering core curriculum. The rest of the student's program will be elective, subject to the approval of the student's supervisory committee. The core curriculum is as follows:

  • Three hours of coursework in engineering statistics approved by the graduate advisor.
  • Three hours of coursework in operations research approved by the graduate advisor.
  • Three hours of coursework in engineering economy approved by the graduate advisor.
  • Nine hours of industrial engineering design approved by the graduate advisor.

A final examination is required for each master's candidate. In the option involving a thesis, this final examination will be oral and will cover the thesis. The non-thesis final examination will be written.

Master's Degree in Engineering

The responsibility rests with each student for knowing the rules, regulations, and filing deadlines of the Graduate School and their respective department. This page provides general information only. Requirements of the Graduate School and the academic department must be met.

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