Software Engineering Master of Science Degree Program

Computer Science and Engineering Department

Objective and Description

The Master of Software Engineering program provides professional development in software engineering principles and practices. It was created in response to the needs of industry in the North Texas area for graduate level degree programs and is designed to accommodate working software professionals. Solutions to problems encountered in industrial software projects are emphasized. The department has several faculty members specializing in various aspects of software engineering.

Requirements & Courses

Master of Software Engineering - Non-Thesis

The Master of Software Engineering provides professional development in software engineering principles and practices. Thirty-seven semester hours of graduate course work is required, including a six-hour software team project and a one-hour orientation seminar.

Degree Requirements

Thirty-six (36) semester hours of graduate course work. The Master of Software Engineering curriculum is divided into four categories. Foundation and core courses (18 hours) focus on software engineering and supporting material, including mathematical formalisms and a two-course software engineering project sequence. This project is team-oriented and will culminate with a significant written and oral report of results. Courses in the other two categories consist of electives that provide depth in software engineering and knowledge in potential application domains. In addition, students must satisfy the general degree requirements of the department.


All required courses will be scheduled at least once per year on the UTA campus. Elective courses will be offered with sufficient frequency to allow a part-time student to complete the program within three years.

Curriculum Requirements

Specific course requirements for the Master of Software Engineering degree are given below. Catalog descriptions are provided in the UTA Graduate Catalog.

Foundation Course

  • CSE 5311 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Core SE Courses (All courses are required.)

  • CSE 5324 - Software Engineering I
  • CSE 5325 - Software Engineering II
  • CSE 5328 - Software Development Studio I
  • CSE 5329 - Software Development Studio II

SE Elective Courses (Select a minimum of two courses – at least one 6000-level)

  • CSE 5326 - Real Time Systems Design
  • CSE 5392 - Topics in Computer Science
  • CSE 6324 - Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
  • CSE 6329 - Special Topics in Advanced Software Engineering
  • CSE 6392 - Special Topics in Advanced Computer Science

Domain Electives

A minimum of three CSE courses, at least one from CSE. Total number of SE and Domain electives must be at least six.

Master's Degree in Engineering

The responsibility rests with each student for knowing the rules, regulations, and filing deadlines of the Graduate School and their respective department. This page provides general information only. Requirements of the Graduate School and the academic department must be met.

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