Master of Science in Engineering Management

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The Master of Science in Engineering Management is a STEM program designed to introduce both engineering and business tools to engineering professionals who will be moving into leadership positions in product development, strategic planning, or managing the organization’s technology resources. Graduates develop an understanding of how to use an organization’s technical knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet their strategic objectives.

Successful applicants to the Engineering Management Master of Science program typically have a bachelor's or Master's degree in engineering or science with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 credits of their bachelor's program. Strong math skills are helpful. Successful applicants also have a minimum TOEFL of 79, a minimum GRE of 301 (quantitative of 155 and verbal of 146). Letters of recommendation are not required for the program.

Due to the difficulties in taking standardized tests during the coronavirus pandemic, the program has waived the GRE requirement for applicants for the spring and fall 2021 semesters.

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Courses Available on Campus and Through Distance Learning

In addition to our traditional on-campus program, most of our classes are also available online. This option is available for all students including full-time, part-time, and working professions.


  • IE 5304 Advanced Engineering Economy
  • IE 5317 Introduction to Statistics
  • IE 6305 - Engineering Management I
  • IE 6306 - Engineering Management II
  • IE 5351 - Introduction to Systems Engineering
  • IE 5346 - Technology Development and Deployment


(6 credit hours) - Students must complete 2 additional industrial engineering or business courses.

  • ACCT 5307 - Measurement and Analysis for Business Decision Making
  • IE 5301 - Introduction to Operations Research
  • IE 5322 - Simulation and Optimization
  • IE 5303 - Quality Systems
  • IE 5329 - Production and Inventory Control
  • IE 5334 - Logistics Distribution Systems


(6 credit hours) - Students must complete two additional graduate courses from the College of Engineering, the College of Science or approved courses fromthe College of Business.


All electives taken outside of the department must be approved by your Graduate Advisor.


  • ACCT 5307 - Measurement and Analysis for Business Decision Making


  • MARK 5328 - Product Management


  • OPMA 5361 - Operations Management
  • OPMA 5362 - Service Operation
  • OPMA 5364 - Project Management
  • OPMA 5368 - Global Supply Chain Management
  • OPMA 5369 - Logistics Management

* IE 5301 Introduction to Operations Research can be considered equivalent to OPMA 5361


  • INSY 5336 - Python Programming
  • INSY 5376 - Big Data Analytics (Pre-requisite INSY 5378)
  • INSY 5377 - Web and Social Analytics (Pre-requisite BSTAT 5325 or equivalent)
  • INSY 5378 - Data Science: A Programming Approach (Pre-requisite INSY 5336 and INSY 5339)
  • INSY 5380 - Social Network Analysis (Pre-requisite 5336)

** IE 5317 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics can be considered equivalent to BSTAT 5325.
** IE 6318 - Data Mining can be considered equivalent to INSY 5339 - Principles of Business Data Mining.


  • INSY 5375 - Management of Information Technologies
  • INSY 5345 - Cloud Computing - Theory and Practice


In addition to the above electives, with prior advisor approval, students who are taking the course work option may take up to two electives in other engineering or science programs.

Requirements for Licensure or Certification

All discipline specific programs in the College of Engineering meet educational requirements for professional licensure or certification in all U.S. states, territories, and the District of Columbia.

Pursuing a Master's Degree in the College of Engineering

The responsibility rests with each student for knowing the rules, regulations, and filing deadlines of the Graduate School and their respective department. This page provides general information only. Requirements of the Graduate School and the academic department must be met.

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