Tk20 Data Management

What is Tk20?

Tk20 is a comprehensive data management system that will provide powerful tools to manage our growth and allow for analyses at multiple levels. This will help ensure continuous quality of programs and preparation while maintaining national accreditation, which enhances the value of the COEd degrees and certifications you receive.

Tk20 allows you to:

  • create your key assessments and performance artifacts online, which you will be able to access and use beyond graduation
  • submit forms online, including applications for field-based experiences such as student teaching, practicum, or internships
  • create multimedia portfolios that can be exported to CDs or other media
  • monitor your progress throughout the program

Your course instructor will let you know if you need to purchase Tk20 for a course. As with other course materials, you will need to purchase an individual Tk20 account for a one-time only, non-refundable cost of $139 (plus taxes and fees). The account is good for seven years after the purchase date and may be renewed at your option. You may purchase your subscription online from a link provided on the system’s Web site.

If you are having an issue with or have questions about Tk20, check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions:

The Tk20 access link is and the Tk20 purchase link is