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You'll need to purchase Tk20 to get started. However, please note that new students/users cannot purchase a Tk20 student account until after classes begin.

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New Tk20 Login Method & Link

Students will now be able to log into Tk20 using your UTA email/password (similar to login into your Canvas or MyMav account) and UTA MyApps

To log in, go to and find the Tk20 app, or use the direct link. (Paid account required.) Everything else about using Tk20 will stay the same, including how you access your course or portfolio and upload assignments.


Tk20 Access and Tips

  • New Login Method for Tk20 

  • As of Monday, June 20, 2022, you will be able to log into Tk20 using your UTA email and password. You will now log into Tk20 the same way you log into your Canvas or MyMav account.
  • You can use the Tk20 app to log in: Go to and find the Tk20 app. If you do not have a paid account, you will be unable to log into the Tk20 app. Or by use the direct link:
  • Everything else about how you use Tk20 in a course will stay the same. You will access your course or portfolio and upload any assignments the same way. 


Quick Tips

  • Clearing your browser cache and using a prive or incognito browser window. 

  • Using an incognito (private browser) may help you bypass log in issues.

  • If neither work, a NETID password reset is advised. Go to:


Tips for Using Tk20

  • Only open Tk20 in one browser at a time. Opening TK20 multiple browsers or even multiple tabs within the same browser can result in the loss of data.
  • Use the recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is not compatible with Tk20. Save your work regularly using the save button at the bottom of each page, otherwise information may be lost. 
  • Do not use the back button in the browser window or information may be lost. Use the back button within the Tk20 platform. Always sign out of Tk20 when finished. Click at the top right of your page where it indicates “Hi, and your name” and click on the SIGN OUT bar.
  • Use your UTA email address to communicate about issues. We are required to communicate with students using your university-issued UTA email address to establish your status as a student. Help desk tickets (tk20@uta.edumust be sent from your UTA email and include your 10-digit UTA Student ID/NETID#.
  • Communicate with the Tk20 help desk and your instructor regarding class assignments. If you experience technical issues that prevent you from submitting an assignment, please contact the Tk20 help desk and your instructor. Your grade will not be affected in this situation. However, once resolved, you are expected to submit work into the Tk20 system.
  • Have other Tk20 questions? Tk20 assistance is provided through the College of Education, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Requests made after hours may not be addressed until the following business day. Please email from your UTA email account and include your 10-digit UTA Student ID/NETID#.

  • NOTE: The College of Education Tk20 Help desk can only communicate with you regarding Tk20 issues using your official UTA email address. 




If you have any questions, please contact the College of Education Tk20 help desk. We are here to assist you. You can reach us by using the email

We use Tk20 to support student success Data collected in Tk20 are analyzed at the student, course, program, and department level to inform continuous improvement of our programs. This data evidence is required to maintain our teacher certification and accreditation status.

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Need Help?

Check out our tk20-user-manual page or contact us at tk20@uta.eduRemember to use your UTA email account and to include your 10-digit, UTA student ID/NETID# when emailing us. Please contact your instructor if your question involves a class assignment