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Rumé Salubi, Student Ambassador

Hometown: Waco, Texas
Area of Certification and Year:
Early Childhood-6 grade, 2017

Why did you choose to attend UTA?

I chose to attend UTA because I felt it had many opportunities to get involved with campus life and establish meaningful friendships with my classmates. I had a few friends who graduated from UTA, and I always heard about how much they enjoyed being there on campus.

What is your favorite thing about the College of Education at UTA?  

I love how engaged and excited the professors and College of Education staff are. I know that they want all of us to well in the program, and are always there when we need help or have a question. It makes me happy knowing that the professors genuinely care about us and our success in the program. 

Who is your favorite professor? Why?

I really enjoy Ms. Marth Loyd’s class. She is always so upbeat and excited to teach the class. I like how she get the class engaged with the content by having group discussions and participation. She also talks about some of her teaching experiences and things she has learned along the way throughout her teaching career. Mrs. Lyod is very relatable and for me that is something that is appreciated because it makes it easier to ask questions or approach her.

What activities do you participate in outside of class?

I am a part of a volunteer group at my church called Project Gabriel. This program focuses on mothers who need assistance providing for their child.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I plan to teach right after graduating. I would like to teach 1st or 2nd grade, possibly in a school that is underprivileged or who desperately needs teachers. I have always felt the need to give back and help in any way that I can because as a teacher I have a duty to help students reach their highest potential.

What is the one thing you think a prospective Education student needs to know? 

They need to know that they must have a passion for teaching. Teaching is a calling and your heart must be in it 100 percent. As a prospective Education student, you must work hard and do your best each and every day. Others may think that teaching as an easy field, but it is not. Teaching takes a lot of time and energy because your entire focus is on your students, and making sure they get the education they deserve to be successful.